eLectrify your eBusiness by eReading eBooks!

Written by Mike Jones

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Why eBooks are crucial to your business How to setup your own eLibrary Where to get good eBooks including a rich FREE resource How to eRead (screen read) for maximum efficiency How to make your eReading electrify your business

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Why eBooks are crucial to your business Your business needs input. The business mind must be like a fast flowing stream. Ideas, viewpoints, suggestions must be constantly flowing through. Still water can stagnate. So can business. None of us know it all. We are constantly learning. Well written eBooks can show us how to market, advertise, build web sites, you name it. We avoid grief by learning fromrepparttar 108533 mistakes of others. How essential then that you build your own reference eLibrary. Every time you use it you can mine gold - if you do it right! This is why eBooks are crucial to your business.

How to setup your own eLibrary Just followrepparttar 108534 same method as any library. A library has a catalog. Books are grouped in sections by subject or author. On your computer, create a folder call eLibrary. If you only have a handful of eBooks to start with you can keep them all together. Asrepparttar 108535 number starts to grow create sub folders for different categories, e.g. marketing, advertising, web design, graphics etc. Put a shortcut to your library folder on your desktop so it is always there as a useful reference tool.

Where to get good eBooks There are numerous resources. Put "FREE eBooks" in any search engine and you will harvest a huge number of leads. However, wading throughrepparttar 108536 results can be time consuming. An excellent site I discoveredrepparttar 108537 other day was http://www.free-ebooks.com which you can browse at your leisure. To get started quickly, you can go to a top hit list I have assembled here: http://www.vitalstop.com/ebooks.htm. Allrepparttar 108538 books listed I have personally obtained and can recommend from experience. The FREE ones you can download immediately fromrepparttar 108539 links.

How to speed eRead So now you have your eLibrary folder containing a number of top eBooks. You start to read. Overwhelming isn't it? Especially if some ofrepparttar 108540 books contain hundreds of pages. The answer? Developrepparttar 108541 skill of speed reading onscreen. You need a way to quickly absorb information or you will be there forever!

Two things are especially important with screen reading: 1) Your environment. Lighting should not produce glare. Poor lighting can greatly reduce reading speed. High contrast is preferred onrepparttar 108542 screen sorepparttar 108543 print hasrepparttar 108544 greatest clarity. This also improves comprehension. 2) Use speed reading techniques. Use one hand to hitrepparttar 108545 'Page Down' key andrepparttar 108546 other hand to hold and operate a guide such as a ruler. Holdingrepparttar 108547 guide an inch or so away fromrepparttar 108548 screen, move it down at a reasonable rate, or use sweeping motions acrossrepparttar 108549 screen. This encouragesrepparttar 108550 eyes to take in larger sections at a time, especially making use of peripheral vision. With regular practice this really speeds up screen reading.

Using Multiple Ebook Formats To Build Your Brand

Written by Monique Harris

* Amazon.com's e-bookstore distributes titles that can be read withrepparttar Microsoft Reader.

* BarnesAndNoble.com carries titles forrepparttar 108532 Microsoft Reader, RCA REB 1100, andrepparttar 108533 Glassbook Reader.

* eBookCity utilizes their proprietary Versaware system.

* Booklocker's titles are mainly in Acrobat, with a few HTML titles.

How can you use this to your advantage? By adapting your ebook to each of these formats you stand a better chance of influencing potential readers to purchase your title.

Remember, while a reader may not visit your site on a

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