eLectrify Your eBusiness By eReading eBooks!

Written by Mike Jones

Why eBooks are crucial to your business

Your business needs input. The business mind must be like a fast flowing stream. Ideas, viewpoints, suggestions must be constantly flowing through. Still water can stagnate. So can business. None of us know it all. We are constantly learning. Well written eBooks can show us how to market, advertise, build web sites, you name it. We avoid grief by learning fromrepparttar mistakes of others. How essential then that you build your own reference eLibrary. Every time you use it you can mine gold - if you do it right! This is why eBooks are crucial to your business.

How to setup your own eLibrary

Just followrepparttar 108544 same method as any library. A library has a catalog. Books are grouped in sections by subject or author. On your computer, create a folder call eLibrary. If you only have a handful of eBooks to start with you can keep them all together. Asrepparttar 108545 number starts to grow create sub folders for different categories, e.g. marketing, advertising, web design, graphics etc. Put a shortcut to your library folder on your desktop so it is always there as a useful reference tool.

Where to get good eBooks

There are numerous resources. Put "FREE eBooks" in any search engine and you will harvest a huge number of leads. However, wading throughrepparttar 108546 results can be time consuming. An excellent site I discoveredrepparttar 108547 other day was free- ebooks. The URL is listed atrepparttar 108548 end of this article along with another excellent link to a FREE ezine article resource. To get started quickly, you can go to a top hit list I have assembled ofrepparttar 108549 books I have personally obtained and can recommend from experience. The FREE ones you can download immediately fromrepparttar 108550 links. (http://www.vitalstop.com/ebooks.htm)

How to speed eRead

So now you have your eLibrary folder containing a number of top eBooks. You start to read. Overwhelming isn't it? Especially if some ofrepparttar 108551 books contain hundreds of pages. The answer? Developrepparttar 108552 skill of speed reading onscreen. You need a way to quickly absorb information or you will be there forever!

Two things are especially important with screen reading:

1 Your environment. Lighting should not produce glare. Poor lighting can greatly reduce reading speed. High contrast is preferred onrepparttar 108553 screen sorepparttar 108554 print hasrepparttar 108555 greatest clarity. This also improves comprehension.

2 Use speed reading techniques. Use one hand to hitrepparttar 108556 'Page Down' key andrepparttar 108557 other hand to hold and operate a guide such as a ruler. Holdingrepparttar 108558 guide an inch or so away fromrepparttar 108559 screen, move it down at a reasonable rate, or use sweeping motions acrossrepparttar 108560 screen. This encouragesrepparttar 108561 eyes to take in larger sections at a time, especially making use of peripheral vision. With regular practice this really speeds up screen reading.

Stop every 10 minutes or so and allow your eyes to roam around your surroundings, perhaps focusing on a distant object. This helps eliminate eye fatigue.

Oblivious Webmasters and E-zine Publishers Sitting on a 24 carat Goldmine!

Written by Duncan Carver

It continues to amaze me that everyday I see more and more webmasters and e-zine publishers still worrying aboutrepparttar high costs of online advertising and promotion when all this time they have been sitting on a 24 carat goldmine. A goldmine so valuable that it promises to end their worries for months if not years to come.

Asrepparttar 108543 webmaster of Carvers E-Book Marketing Center http://carver.bizland.com I see day after day visitors who are sitting on what promises to be one ofrepparttar 108544 most effective and exponentially growing free advertising mediums that they've ever explored. A free advertising medium that is so effective (unlikerepparttar 108545 majority ofrepparttar 108546 rest) that it literally made me drop all my other online ventures overnight and focus entirely upon e-book marketing.

Before I continue it would be best to explain a little about e-book marketing asrepparttar 108547 majority of online marketers that I meet seem to know little to nothing onrepparttar 108548 subject. To put it simply effective e-book marketing harnessesrepparttar 108549 power of giving away "substance for free" in an attempt to build ongoing trust and future purchases from potential customers. We see this everyday with major corporations such as Microsoft giving away free software and companies such as Hypermart that provide free web space in hope to on sell other products and services.

While many of us just can't afford to be throwing away such elaborate software products there is still room for even those onrepparttar 108550 tightest budget to harnessrepparttar 108551 same power and bring similar results asrepparttar 108552 major online players. How do we do this? E-book marketing of course!

E-Book marketing works in muchrepparttar 108553 same way as publishing an e-zine, helping to develop trust within potential customers and continually building on that trust by maintaining consistent interaction with your online business. Not only that but it also acts as an exponentially growing free advertising medium which literally pulls people to your web site.

Mark Joynerrepparttar 108554 CEO ofrepparttar 108555 Aesop Marketing Corporation (http://foreverweb.com) created his first e-book titled "Search Engine Tactics" a subject that is directly related torepparttar 108556 products and services that his company sells. Since its release in early 1998 it has now been downloaded over a million times which equates to 1 million readers! A fair estimate based upon independent research would be that at least 95% of those readers visited his web site and depending uponrepparttar 108557 conversion rate of his sales pitch atrepparttar 108558 time can you even begin to imagine how much extra revenue was obtained from his e-book?

Terry Dean of Bizpromo (http://www.bizpromo.com) has experienced similar results. Here is a direct quote ripped straight from his e-zine,"Web Gold" Vol. 2, #40, October 8, 1999:

"We produced our first electronic book for download back in December of last year. It was titled "101 High Profit Businesses You Can Start Online with Little Or NO Money." I announced it as a Christmas gift all of my subscribers could download. The first couple of months it was online, it received 500 to 2,000 downloads per week... I currently estimate that around 1/3 of my current business is still being generated by this one e-book being given away for free on hundreds of sites. I consider itrepparttar 108559 most valuable promotion my business has ever done!."

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