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Written by Michael Bloch

In our increasingly online world, cyberspace is still experiencing "gold fever", but there have been and will be many casualties. Onlyrepparttar innovative, responsive, financially sound and flexible will survive. Many new markets are joiningrepparttar 109034 world of eCommerce; overrepparttar 109035 last 6 months I have seen a remarkable increase in visitors to my site from countries such as India. This trends means more visitors to our sites perhaps; but it definitely means more competition between web developers, etailers and other service providers.

India will be extraordinarily competitive in web development, due largely to favourable exchange rates. In Australia, our struggling dollar still favours us in securing work with U.S companies, but not torepparttar 109036 same degree. I can see thatrepparttar 109037 Internet will play a considerable role inrepparttar 109038 valuation of our currencies inrepparttar 109039 future.

Up until now,repparttar 109040 Internet has been very focused onrepparttar 109041 U.S. By 2003,repparttar 109042 Asia Pacific region will catch up and overtake in regards to Internet usage. While we are all busy submitting our sites torepparttar 109043 U.S and U.K search engines, have we considered their Indian or Taiwanese counterparts? There are literally thousands of Asia-Pacific search engines and indices. Some of them will grow to be major players inrepparttar 109044 next five years.

The Western world tends to forget that we are a minority. Only about eight percent ofrepparttar 109045 earth's population speaks English asrepparttar 109046 primary language. As countries such as India, Korea, Taiwan and perhaps even China open up, we will need to adapt to this change. The big players can afford to have their pages translated into different languages. For those of us withoutrepparttar 109047 budget, perhaps even a simple greeting in a variety of languages on our pages would encourage a visitor with limited English abilities to explore our sites. If you are going to translate your site, ensure thatrepparttar 109048 person undertakingrepparttar 109049 translation really knows their stuff, as a single word misinterpreted can turn a welcome into a curse. The proper use of images and other visual cues can also assist in relaying information more effectively than English text.

One ofrepparttar 109050 other ways we,repparttar 109051 smaller companies, can welcome these newcomers without spending a cent is to drop our xenophobic reactions to "foreigners". There are no "foreigners" asrepparttar 109052 Internet is now more than ever a global community. Instead of fearing these new arrivals stealing our bread and butter, we should be seeking to establish alliances with them. We should be striving to learn a little aboutrepparttar 109053 culture ofrepparttar 109054 emerging electronic economies. This will assist us in usingrepparttar 109055 correct protocols during business dealings.

As web masters, we receive many communications via email from our "foreign" visitors. Some of these emails are, in our way of thinking, poorly worded. As an example I received a noterepparttar 109056 other day that didn't haverepparttar 109057 usual signature line of "Regards" or "Sincerely", but had one word atrepparttar 109058 bottom ofrepparttar 109059 message - "Waiting". Many of our visitors to whom English is a second language struggle with email writing, sometimes appearing rude to us. Perhaps we become impatient with this and devaluerepparttar 109060 communication or ignore it.

What's Color Have To Do With It?

Written by Maria Marsala

I bet you'd be able to tell me, in 10 seconds or less,repparttar colors that McDonalds, Burger King, K-Mart and Wal-Mart use. That's because they have used these colors, their logos and even their slogans to "brand" themselves. Branding helps clients "remember you".

As a business owner, you too can "brand" your business. An example would be my website, Welcome Kit, forms, business cards etc. They all containrepparttar 109033 same colors, fonts, logo, and graphics. Actually, even my website name "coach maria" brands me. I've met individuals who think they "know" me, or have met me before, however, I don't know them! When we figure out where they know me from, it's from a discussion group or my website. Branding works!

Takerepparttar 109034 time now, as you start your business, to decide what colors you'll be using in your branding campaign. A few things to remember about colors: a) Colors may appear different when used in print media (such as your brochure) vs. onrepparttar 109035 Internet. b) Different browsers (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator) show colors differently. c) The same color on different parts of a page (the background and border, for example) may look different, even inrepparttar 109036 same browser. d) Onrepparttar 109037 Internet, white is a color. If you do not "name" it white, then it will appear as gray on Netscape.

So before you decide on a color for your website, checkrepparttar 109038 color in a few browsers. In fact, if you're a web designer, designing a color page may be helpful for your clients. You can view a sample color page at Userepparttar 109039 websites below to assist you in choosing colors for your business.

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