"eBiz 101: A Blue Print For Success!"

Written by A.T.Rendon

When did you first discoverrepparttar Internet?

It is a mystery, scary, exciting, fun, an never-ending adventure and daily learning experience.

Whatever reason brought you torepparttar 118007 Internet, personal or business, we soon discover thatrepparttar 118008 Internet is basically about communication. In fact,repparttar 118009 Internet=Communication.

Andrepparttar 118010 foundation of that Communication, is email.

This past Monday, some friends from California came to visit for a few hours.

We had a few drinks, we went to go eat good Mexican food, gotrepparttar 118011 car washed and we talked aboutrepparttar 118012 Internet.

Jack is really sharp when it comes to business but he hasn't fully explored all thatrepparttar 118013 Internet has to offer.

Sandy was curious on a professional level, seeking to tap into nursing sources.

Whether it comes from close friends or from any of our many cyber-friends, it dawned on me thatrepparttar 118014 question is alwaysrepparttar 118015 same, be it personal or for business, everyone wants to know:

"How do you reach that [ certain person]."

Of course, that [ certain person] is, whatever is your niche or target audience.

For Sandy, it would be nurses. Jack, perhaps opportunity seekers. I'm always looking for new subscribers. :-)

Whatever your niche, that becomesrepparttar 118016 focus of your communication. And it determines how and where you seek to fulfill that communication.

ALWAYS without resorting to SPAM. Because it is against Internet rules and because it creates more problems that it can solve.

Basically, once you know your niche market, there are three main ingredients necessary to conduct business online.

A great product or service. A web site that sells. Attract targeted traffic.

A. A great product or service.

What does your niche group need and use? You can compile or create what you offer for sale. Or provide your niche group your services to point them to a great product or service they might very well purchase.

You makerepparttar 118017 commission.

Explore and discover whatrepparttar 118018 competition is offering your niche group and consider affiliating withrepparttar 118019 best of allrepparttar 118020 are out there for you to find.

Try searching Clickbank that offers an excellent system. You providerepparttar 118021 traffic, when someone buys, you getrepparttar 118022 commission straight from ClickBank. No need to worry about if you will really get paid. http://hop.clickbank.net/?blastads/marketplace

B. A web site that sells.

Test, test, test. Review your site for allrepparttar 118023 basics of selling online. Fast loading speeds, easy to navigate, clear, correct spelling and a merchant account.

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Many successful web sites are nothing more than portals, door-ways, to other sites that you can earn a commission from for sending them potential business.


Written by Bob McElwain

Have you ever known something was true? Deep down in your gut where it matters most? Something everybody around you also knows? Have you been there, yet something deep inside just won't buy it? Well, I'm in that fix right now. I have been for years.

Ebook fiction won't sell. I know it's so. And so do most. Likely you do as well. Folks curl up in a chair, sprawl onrepparttar couch, lounge inrepparttar 118006 bath tub, and so forth to read fiction. Hey, this isrepparttar 118007 way it is! Still ...

You see I love fiction. I love to read it. And I loved writing it for many years. (I even sold a novel, "Fatal Games," Pageant Press, 1989) And I'd love to write another tale. But I don't want to payrepparttar 118008 price to print it. With a minimum order of a thousand copies at $4-$5/copy? (And don't talk to me about print-on-demand; I've been there and seen that.) So maybe an ebook. Maybe.

I've been saying this ever since I first heard ebooks. But I have never tried one. Now I'm going to do it. The risk?

About 40 hours and 40 bucks. I've a dandy tale ready to go. Sure, all may go downrepparttar 118009 drain. In which case, I'll really know. But there's that outside chance, likerepparttar 118010 40-1 long shot inrepparttar 118011 race, that at least *some* people *will* read fiction inrepparttar 118012 ebook format. So I'm going to ...

Go To BizMinisites.Com (The sales pitch is at )

They have a neat plan for mini-site builders. You get 500K of disk and lots of supporting extras, all for $9.95 per quarter. Heck, that's not much more than $3/month. And it's a smooth running service. Great download times. You don't even need a domain name, but you can use one if you like.

Next Stop? GoTo.Com

I'll hunt uprepparttar 118013 keyword suggestion tool at

I'll enter some obvious choices. "Male fiction" and "male adventure," for these arerepparttar 118014 catagories into whichrepparttar 118015 tale fits.

There's no telling how much time this will take, because I've simply got to find keywords actually being entered. Then select from those entered most oftenrepparttar 118016 ones that are as close torepparttar 118017 above as I can find. This is a critcal step, for there's no point optimizing a page for keywords nobody uses.

Then it's off to Google to enter my keywords there. I'll be looking at counts of pages that come up on each phrase, hoping to find some low. Those withrepparttar 118018 highest counts at GoTo (Demand), and lowest counts at Google (Supply) will becomerepparttar 118019 set of keywords I'll use.

Building Site Content

Here's whererepparttar 118020 time may fly. It takes a while to figure what to write about. Topics that work well withrepparttar 118021 keyword phrases selected. The home page will berepparttar 118022 sales presentation, withrepparttar 118023 major content that blurb you see onrepparttar 118024 backs of some paperbacks in bookstores. Something to hookrepparttar 118025 reader into wanting to readrepparttar 118026 book.

I haven't a fixed idea about actual content. Maybe something ofrepparttar 118027 task of writing inrepparttar 118028 male adventure genre. Some more about why it is no longer being published. I can't say until I have those keywords.

The object here is to have all pages point directly to male adventure or male fiction, thus creating a small theme site, currently popular with some search engines.

The catch is that it's tough to write an optimized page forrepparttar 118029 search engines that also works well with visitors. But it's got to happen. And it can take time. (For suggestions about creating such a page, send any email to )

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