eBay Powerseller, selling on eBay, a hard lesson learned

Written by Jason James

This is an important lesson that nearly every eBay Powerseller has learned at one point buying products for resale.

There are cases where you purchase a bulk load of products to sell on ebay, which is similiar to having a hit record onrepparttar radio. The products will sell at your Ebay auction listings almost as fast as you can put them up for sale, and atrepparttar 150671 price you want.

But there are also times whenrepparttar 150672 products do not sell quickly, and at a lower price than anticipated.

Lesson 1 Evaluate all factors before buying large quantities of product to sell on eBay.

Lesson 2 You need to forecastrepparttar 150673 time needed to sellrepparttar 150674 entire load of product, this will help you determinerepparttar 150675 correct price to bid onrepparttar 150676 liquidation.

Here is an example of an eBay Powerseller not taking into account all ofrepparttar 150677 costs that may be involved, before buying a large load of product.

Powerseller A bid and won a pallet of what was perceived to be a great value, a load of name brand cosmetics. The load contained over 7000 individual items such as lipstick, nail polish, hand creams etc. The average cost per piece was 75 cents, sorepparttar 150678 entire load was purchased for $3750. The Powerseller thought they did their homework,repparttar 150679 individual items were selling for a minimum of $2.50 each on eBay.

There are several problems that occurred afterrepparttar 150680 purchase. The eBay Powerseller was so focused onrepparttar 150681 potential profit, nearly $2 per item, which then added up to $14,000 profit. (If all were sold). They did not accurately forecastrepparttar 150682 time needed to sell allrepparttar 150683 cosmetics.

The reality is there was not a high sell rate with these items, they averaged selling 10-20 of these items per month on eBay. It would take 29 years to sell all brand name cosmetics inventory at that rate.

Five Simple Steps To Get the Best Pictures For Your eBay Auctions.

Written by Jason James

We have all heardrepparttar saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. With online auctions it should be "a good picture can add up to thousands of dollars".

Without having a background in digital photography, lighting techniques and backdrops, etc. I have found a very simple way to get professional quality lighting and photos in minutes. Top photographers say it is much easier for a novice to get a great picture by using natural or outdoor lighting while taking a photo of your products.

Here is a simple way to get a great photo for online auctions:

1. The best lighting occurs between 3 p.m.-6 p.m. inrepparttar 150670 afternoon, depending onrepparttar 150671 time of year. Set aside 15 minutes so you can take several pictures at once.

2. Use a simple plain backdrop and place it behind your auction item, perhaps a white sheet or a tan piece of solid fabric. You need to use a solid color for your backdrop, so that you do not draw attention away from your product.

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