eBay Listing Service : Make Managing Your Auctions Easy

Written by John Lenaghan

Do you want to have a lot of auctions going but donít have time to keep track of them all? Trust me, youíre not alone. With more and more people making significant portions - if not all - of their income from their eBay auction websitesrepparttar need has arisen for many people to have someone managerepparttar 144213 listing of their auctions for them.

Enter eBay listing services. With these convenient services, you donít need to spend all your valuable time listing many repeat auctions. eBayís listing services will automate allrepparttar 144214 repeat listings of online auctions so that you can concentrate on running your business and keeping your customers happy, and spend less time on repetitive chores.

eBay has lots of easy to use auction management software. One ofrepparttar 144215 best ones for managing repeat online auctions is eBayís Turbo Lister. What this program does is keep track of multiple auctions at once, using a program that looks a lot like Windows Explorer, so experienced Windows users will have no trouble adapting to it.

Avoid a Summer Sales Slump

Written by Marty Dickinson

By Marty Dickinson HereNextYear.com

Did you ever seerepparttar movie "Terminator 3" by Arnold Schwarzenegger? Remember whenrepparttar 144178 machines took overrepparttar 144179 controls and began to terminate society as we know it?

This is exactly how it feels every Summer for many business owners.

As if your computer somehow sneaks in duringrepparttar 144180 middle ofrepparttar 144181 night and takes over by putting a "Closed forrepparttar 144182 Summer" sign on your business.

You wake up on July 1 wondering where allrepparttar 144183 customers are.

My business is no different.

I've just learned to expect it every year and I do something about it before I can be sabotaged.

So, whenrepparttar 144184 beginning of June comes around, I start ramping up forrepparttar 144185 Summer months to keep business steady and even onrepparttar 144186 increase.

And, here's what I do:

1) Find something in your industry that's timely and write an article about it. I'm doing just that with this article as an example. The fact that sales slump for more small business owners inrepparttar 144187 Summer than any other 2-month time ofrepparttar 144188 year is timely since July is right aroundrepparttar 144189 corner.

The article doesn't need to be extensive, maybe 600-800 words, and write as if you're just talking to a friend sitting next to you.

2) Create a signature line atrepparttar 144190 end of your article that invites readers to visit your web site. Use mine below as an example to write your own.

3) Send your article to your clients or customers by e-mail or even regular USPS. They will appreciate hearing from you and they will be thankful forrepparttar 144191 timely courtesy.

Plus, any time you can get your name in front of an existing customer, you stand a chance of getting additional business just by simply reminding them you're still around.

4) Get your article posted on other peoples' web sites and in their on-line newsletters. This might sound like "old hat" if you've been doing business on-line for a while, butrepparttar 144192 fact is that people still turn torepparttar 144193 Internet to find information.

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