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Written by mark white

DIY SEO prt 3


The next part of our campaign isrepparttar advertising bit, having a site that no-one can see is like having a shop with no windows or doors, everyone will shop elsewhere as they donít know what you have to offer.

We have dealt withrepparttar 146498 tags sorepparttar 146499 search engines should be happy when they find you, now you have to shove your site in a few places that get indexed on a daily basis. This ensures that your website will get indexed by google, yahoo and alike as quickly as possible. These next 4 steps are free and necessary forrepparttar 146500 continued growth of your internet business.

The first site we want to visit is When you get torepparttar 146501 site you will want to findrepparttar 146502 small biz ads section and findrepparttar 146503 relevant area for you. If you donít live inrepparttar 146504 USA or England then please userepparttar 146505 area closest to you. Please respect this site and do not spam it, he provides a valuable service and you will be banned if you misuse it. Add your website, make sure you make use ofrepparttar 146506 title tags as described in DIY seo prt 2 (just googlerepparttar 146507 title if you havenít read it) and you will get a valuable link from a high PR site for a week or so. Because Craigís gets indexed on a daily basis your site will be included byrepparttar 146508 bots.

The next visit you will want to make is to, if you already have a blog you can skip this section.

Google Is Sued By A Very Odd Plaintiff

Written by Bob Cefail

In a major development inrepparttar paid search industry Google is being sued for Click fraud by The accuser is also trying to establishrepparttar 146444 case as a class action suit which can effect tens of thousands of advertisers.

Click Defense alleges that they lost approximately 5 million dollars because Google didn't takerepparttar 146445 basic actions necessary to safeguard

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