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Written by Mr. Praven Sharma

Everything you wanted to know about diamonds andrepparttar global diamond business, industry, and trade.

Djewels is a complete on-line shopping portal that provides information onrepparttar 140269 exploration activities of Diamond Industry. The site allows users free access to information about new discoveries, exploration projects, corporate financing, and acquisitions and provides complete market information.

Our site http://www.djewels.org sells fine quality and ideal cut diamonds, diamond jewelry including engagement rings, ring settings, diamond and fashion earrings, pendants and bracelets.

Djewels,repparttar 140270 company who is pioneered in using latest techniques, implementing newer ideas, cost & manpower management was originally founded in 1985, and started wholesale readymade Jewellery business, underrepparttar 140271 brand name of Djewels. Having more than 19 year's family experience in Diamonds, Color stones and Gold Jewellery business,repparttar 140272 company has set so many new quality standards.

Elements of a good Ad Objective

Written by Smiley George

Ad is a powerful tool. It's an indispensable and crucial form of communication seen as an influencing factor on consumers. It attempts to control human and purchasing behavior by appealing to human conscience and emotions. Ad isrepparttar soul of any surviving business, an activity engaged intentionally/unintentionally by us all.

1.Measurability: It is only a fool (am not trying to be arrogant, neither am I one), that will embark on a project without first measuringrepparttar 140243 cost. Before placing an Ad, what you want to achieve must be specified in quantifiable terms as it serves as a benchmark to its attainments.

2.Realistic: Who isrepparttar 140244 person that talked about building castle inrepparttar 140245 air? What good is it going to pay an Advertiser for embarking on a WHITE ELEPHANT ad? Setting unattainable Ad objective is like an individual without a plan and also planning to fail. Yours' might be to sustain your goodwill. Or increase sales or may be adding torepparttar 140246 numbers of your customers likerepparttar 140247 Telecomm/ Financial institutions.

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