causes of stuttering

Written by Stephen Hill

author Stephen Hill

When a person has a stutter or a parent realises that their child is developing a stutter they often want to find outrepparttar cause. So what causes a stutter? The answer is many things can trigger someone starting to stutter. These are some of them: It can be a traumatic event It can run inrepparttar 148378 family People may copy a friend at school who has a stutter and then it sticks An over aggressive relative

I am somebody who now helps people to achieve fluency after overcoming a speech impediment that had effectively ruined my life for eighteen years.

I had a female client who told me how she had developed a stutter. She was fluent untilrepparttar 148379 age of twenty four. At this age she became pregnant forrepparttar 148380 first time, she was very happy and excited aboutrepparttar 148381 prospects about becoming a mother.

Stuttering in toddlers

Written by Stephen Hill

Author Stephen Hill

Some parents haverepparttar shock of hearing their young child start to stutter as a toddler. I am somebody who runs a speech centre in Birmingham, England, I now help people to achieve fluency.

I met a lady who was thirty and her little boy aged four had been stuttering for quite a while. She had taken him to speech therapy and was extremely anxious as to why he was stuttering. It had possibly started becauserepparttar 148377 toddlers father had quite a severe stutter,repparttar 148378 boy may of picked uprepparttar 148379 bad habits this way.

Many other people contact me asking why their toddler has developed a stutter and asking what forms of stuttering treatments are available.

I always suggest that they keep as patient as they can and try to play games, speech games with their child. They can challengerepparttar 148380 child to sayrepparttar 148381 word fluently, they show their child how it should be said and then bet them that they can't do it themselves. When they do manage to say that particular word fluently they then heap lots of praise ontorepparttar 148382 child, telling them how clever they are and how proud mommy and daddy are of them. I even advise giving them an award like a small chocolate bar.

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