Vice President?

Written by Ed Howes

Christians are quite aware they are commanded to "avoidrepparttar appearance of evil." The Vice President and President ofrepparttar 125975 United States of America tell us they are Christians and to rest easy, they only appear to be dealing in evil. Isrepparttar 125976 Vice President in reality,repparttar 125977 United States President of Vice?

Recently Vice President Cheney responded to a question aboutrepparttar 125978 awarding of no bid contracts to Halliburton. His response was that he has nothing to do withrepparttar 125979 awarding of contracts and would not know how to influence them. If I was Vice President and wanted to help a friend win a contract, I would callrepparttar 125980 friend and ask how I might help. My friend would know exactly what to do. It doesn't seem all that difficult to me.

To avoidrepparttar 125981 appearance of evil, Vice President Cheney should have resignedrepparttar 125982 day Halliburton obtained its first no bid contract for Iraq, or Afghanistan. On this day,repparttar 125983 President should have requested he step down, if they would avoidrepparttar 125984 appearance of evil. Is it a coincidence these executives frequently speak of evil? Are they mirroring? That is, are they accusing others of faults they abhor in their selves?

On one segment ofrepparttar 125985 25 January edition of 60 Minutes, we learn that a Halliburton subsidiary does business with terrorist supporting states. Does this meanrepparttar 125986 War on Terror is a money making fraud? Is that whyrepparttar 125987 target of American justice was switched from Al Qaeda to Iraq as early as November 2001? New business for all our good buddies? It only appears that way. Don't you worry 'bout a thing King George is on top ofrepparttar 125988 world. Either these men are not Christian or evil has no appearance.

Democrats Can't Win

Written by Ed Howes

The only chance they had fromrepparttar beginning of this campaign to winrepparttar 125974 2004 presidential election has been to advance their best candidate and hope thatrepparttar 125975 President beat himself. This is a fifty- fifty bet at any given time. Instead, they chose an anybody but Bush strategy that proclaims they don't care how qualified their candidate is, or how capable. They want to win a popularity contest. They want to nominate a candidate they hope will take votes fromrepparttar 125976 President.

This cockeyed strategy will also lose them majorities inrepparttar 125977 House and Senate for many elections to come. They have toldrepparttar 125978 American people they are not for anything. They are simply against what is. They have done this down torepparttar 125979 grassroots and we hear it inrepparttar 125980 comments of ordinary Democratic voters. America will now tell them if they do not care what is best for America, which is not anyone but Bush, they have no business in government.

They had a front running candidate nobody really knew. They likedrepparttar 125981 things he said. When he slipped from number one to number three in Iowa and then embarrassed them, they went looking for a new front runner - another one that nobody knows. Democrats prefer to elect strangers and hope things work out. They do not have a clue what is going on.

Every Democratic candidate who says he can beat George Bush is lying and knows it. Only George Bush can beat George Bush as Al Gore beat Al Gore inrepparttar 125982 2000 election. He conceded it beforerepparttar 125983 election was over and showed America thatrepparttar 125984 Democrats would support a quitter, if they thought he could win an election. The lesson has not been lost onrepparttar 125985 rest of America. To further demonstrate their loyalty to a quitter,repparttar 125986 Democrats then claimed he was robbed by a partisan court decision. Fact is, Al Gore lostrepparttar 125987 election when he admittedrepparttar 125988 fact to George Bush onrepparttar 125989 telephone and not whenrepparttar 125990 court made it official. So whenrepparttar 125991 Democrats say they will have anybody but George Bush, we can take them at their word. Anybody will do for them. The rest of us can be more discriminating.

I personally resonate with Dennis Kucinich. Bothrepparttar 125992 party andrepparttar 125993 major media have written him off as an also ran. Democrats want instant gratification and to win at any cost, they won't support Dennis now and bring him back in 2008. They want Hillary Clinton then and she will lose too. I doubtrepparttar 125994 Democrats will ever be in power atrepparttar 125995 national level again.

Dennis' plan for disengagement in Iraq isrepparttar 125996 best I have seen proposed. The only one that would restore credibility torepparttar 125997 United States and accomplish what should have been intended fromrepparttar 125998 beginning.

Other candidates assure us they will never get us into another mess like this one, as though such things are only decided by presidents. They are not. But Dennis says we can create a Department of Peace to provide some balance torepparttar 125999 war mongers in Congress andrepparttar 126000 Department of Defense. Democrats don't care about a Department of Peace and they make no attempt to hiderepparttar 126001 fact.

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