Using Multiple Ebook Formats To Build Your Brand

Written by Monique Harris

*'s e-bookstore distributes titles that can be read withrepparttar Microsoft Reader.

* carries titles forrepparttar 108532 Microsoft Reader, RCA REB 1100, andrepparttar 108533 Glassbook Reader.

* eBookCity utilizes their proprietary Versaware system.

* Booklocker's titles are mainly in Acrobat, with a few HTML titles.

How can you use this to your advantage? By adapting your ebook to each of these formats you stand a better chance of influencing potential readers to purchase your title.

Remember, while a reader may not visit your site on a

The Easiest, Money Making Business in the World!

Written by Michael J. McGroarty

The business idea that I am about to share with you, almost seems too easy to actually work. Don't think that for a minute. This one idea is actually powerful enough to change your life forever. It sure has mine.

Basically, what you are going to be doing is selling an E-book. The E-book that you will be selling will cost you nothing and will sell for as little as $4.95 or as much as $99.95. That'srepparttar beauty of selling E-books. You only have to write or compile repparttar 108531 book once, and you can sell it thousands of times, andrepparttar 108532 product itself does not cost you a dime. There are some costs in processingrepparttar 108533 order, but they are nominal, and we'll discuss them in a moment.

To put this strategy to work making you money, there are a few things that you must know. But don't letrepparttar 108534 things that I'm about to describe intimidate you. Read this list with an open mind. If you already know how to these things, then you are ahead ofrepparttar 108535 game and ready to get started.

You will need:

A homemade booklet that was written by you, or for you. This booklet can be just a simple publication. It does not have to be a large publication. Sometimes just a few type pages can actually become a saleable product.

Writing a booklet like this is actually very easy. A booklet is nothing more than a series of articles, and you don't have to be a professional writer to write articles that people will find interesting. This type of writing is nothing more than writing just like you speak.

That's what I'm doing now as I write this article. I'm writing as if you and I are sitting at my kitchen table having a conversation.

You will also need your own domain name: Like or Some search engine experts claim thatrepparttar 108536 search engines will send you more traffic if you registerrepparttar 108537 domain name as, with a hyphen. However, keep in mind that this is only advantageous if you are depending on all of your traffic to come fromrepparttar 108538 search engines. If you are going to be doing any off line advertising, then this can really hurt you because people will forget aboutrepparttar 108539 hyphen, and they will not find your website.

You will also need a simple website.

This idea revolves around starting with a subject that you are knowledgeable about, or a subject that you would like to research. This does not have to be a complicated topic like brain surgery. It can be something very simple, as long as there are other people who would like to learn aboutrepparttar 108540 subject. Actually trout fishing might be a good topic. Bread making might work, but I'd look for something a little more powerful. I can show you how to find topics that people are hot for, but that's another article.

Fisherman and golfers are fanatics, and many products are already onrepparttar 108541 market that teach them how to do these things better. Don't let that scare you off. The fact that there are many products already being sold on a given subject, means that there is an intense interest. More than likely there is room for one more product as long as it provides fresh ideas and or new concepts. Or an old concept with a new twist.

Maybe you have a hobby that you are passionate about. If so, you can be assured that there are other people who share your passion, but may lack your knowledge ofrepparttar 108542 hobby. If that'srepparttar 108543 case, they will be willing to pay money for a booklet that will quickly teach them what they need to know about this hobby.

Put your thinking cap on and think long and hard about human nature. What is it that people want? Ever been to a little league game or a midget football game? These parents want their child to berepparttar 108544 best! There is a market for products that help children achieve their goals. A booklet or video on pitching techniques or any other competitive sport that children participate in will sell really well!

They also want this information instantly! They sit down atrepparttar 108545 computer, type in whatever it is that they are looking for, and they want something to pop up onrepparttar 108546 screen instantly telling them what they want to know.

Does it really work that way? Yes and no. When people do a search, information does pop up onrepparttar 108547 screen, but is it what they are looking? Kinda, but not really.

This is where you come in.

You create a simple website onrepparttar 108548 subject of your E-book, and on that website you provide a significant amount of information that your target prospect finds very interesting.

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