Written by Abdullah bin abid

symposium on "Time according to Quran and Science" which has been conducted byrepparttar Association of Scientific Miracles in Quran and Sunnah” it its cultural activities in Cairo. Dr. Mansoor Hassab El Nabi addressedrepparttar 126956 symposium. He assumed that Quran always opens new horizons of thoughts for thinkers and scientist. He emphasized thatrepparttar 126957 right types of science and knowledge leads, always, to faith and believe. He confirmed that there is no contradiction between science and Quran. Therefore scientist must initiate their theories carefully and religious scholars must interpretrepparttar 126958 Quranic verse correctly. Dr. Mansoor added that Quran dealt with so many scientific issues such asrepparttar 126959 creation ofrepparttar 126960 cosmos,repparttar 126961 issue of time and place. Quran says that Allah, The Almighty has createdrepparttar 126962 Universe in six days. But we must know that days of Allah are not necessarily similar torepparttar 126963 days we, human beings, know, because time is proportionate matter and not an absolute issue. This fact goes hand in hand withrepparttar 126964 conclusions ofrepparttar 126965 modern science andrepparttar 126966 theory proportionate. Time occupies an important place and role inrepparttar 126967 life of not onlyrepparttar 126968 animate creations, but alsorepparttar 126969 life ofrepparttar 126970 in animate. All of us measurerepparttar 126971 time to knowrepparttar 126972 age of things. For examplerepparttar 126973 radio cative material such asrepparttar 126974 uranium and Radium as well asrepparttar 126975 coral line reef all are turned by radiation into lead. Each radio cative element has particular rate of turning into another elements. Some scientists have used some radio cative materials such as Uranium and Carbon 14 to determinerepparttar 126976 age of earth. The scientists used alsorepparttar 126977 phenomenon of cosmic extension and widening to determinerepparttar 126978 age of earth. Dr. Mansoor dealt withrepparttar 126979 (age of cosmos) as an issue that emphasisrepparttar 126980 existence of Allah. The Almighty. Because if

The Deep Roots of Integrity

Written by David Leonhardt

I planted 81 trees this spring. Those trees with large root systems will surely grow strong and healthy, even if they look like just a twig aboverepparttar ground. Those with smaller root systems are in for a rough ride, even if they have several feet of trunk to them already.

So, too, with people. Those of us who have nurtured our roots, our values, our integrity, what nobody else can see, will always be strong. Those of us who have neglected our integrity in favor of whatrepparttar 126955 world can see could be in for a rough ride.

Take some time today to nurture your integrity. It isrepparttar 126956 best investment a person can make.

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