The Most Important Thing You Can Do For Your Online Business: Planning

Written by Michael Tee

More and more people are discoveringrepparttar potential to earn an income online and most of them already have or are inrepparttar 140486 process of starting one. Chances are,repparttar 140487 competition in your business area would only grow. If you are serious about achieving success with your online business, then you need to find ways to give yourself every advantage you can get over your competitors. One strategy I can almost assure your competitors have not tried is to list down detailed plans of exactly how they want their business to succeed. The purpose of writing a business plan is to map out all details of your business. Do this and you will form a solid foundation on which your online business is built on. Writing a business plan for your business could berepparttar 140488 most important step in getting your business to where you want it to be. If you are already running an online business and want to increase profits or starting an online business is still an idea in your head, here is a tip: Start Planning! A good business plan would containrepparttar 140489 following main categories:

1)Layout of your Business This section would contain a detailed description of your online business and would coverrepparttar 140490 entire layout of your business. You might want to list down all details that formrepparttar 140491 entire system of your business such asrepparttar 140492 product, website hosting, sequential autoresponders, follow up emails, mode of accepting credit cards etc… and how they are integrated.


This is where you research, decide and write down who your target market is, what strategies you plan to use and how much is your monthly budget so you can formulate a good marketing plan. Do a quick search and you will find many kinds of marketing strategies that you can choose for your business. Most of these strategies work but some will always work better than others, so it would be wise to evaluate all possibilities and then focus on two or three of these marketing techniques that will producerepparttar 140493 biggest return for your investment. Some marketing techniques do require you to spend some money. Be it pay per click or ezine advertising, it would be a good idea to spend a little money to test that marketing strategy before paying good money on a full campaign.

A Customer For Life

Written by Dan Brown

You will always have more people that turn down your offer than actually buy. They might not have bought because of your price, payment options, or any other possible reason. You will just end up loosing all these potential lifetime customers. However, there are many ways you can minimizerepparttar loss of these prospects.

One way is to accept barter offers for your product. Mayberepparttar 140444 person can't afford to buy your product. They may have something you could use in your business or personal life. Ifrepparttar 140445 barter deal isn't fair enough, either of you could add in some cash. You may not make money but, they might buy other products you offer.

Another way is to include a negotiation offer atrepparttar 140446 end of your ad copy. Tell your reader if there is something they don't like about your offer, they could contact you and negotiate a different buying offer. They may not like your price, guarantee, shipping methods, payment options, etc. You can gain a potential lifetime customer by being flexible with your offer and negotiating instead of loosing them.

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