The Hidden Philosophy of Abundance

Written by Carmellita Brown

Metaphysics refers torepparttar branch of philosophy that seeks to address all things Universal whether it is divine, cosmic, spiritual, or human. Ultimately, those who study metaphysics seek to address how we play a role in this continuum. It addresses those things perceived to be hidden.”

To that end, many institutions including seminaries, universities, schools of metaphysics, andrepparttar 141910 like have found it necessary not to makerepparttar 141911 teachings of all metaphysics available torepparttar 141912 everyday individual. This exclusion technique is designed to keeprepparttar 141913 study of metaphysics “mystical and hierarchical.” So, where does that leave you?

Limited…you are limited torepparttar 141914 few books published by Success Philosophers, Cosmologists, and Success Coaches. These authors may write something as vague as your thoughts producerepparttar 141915 things in your life. However, they do not explainrepparttar 141916 metaphysics involved. They do not explain how .energy follows thoughts. They do not explain how .thoughts steer our lives in specific directions. Unfortunately,repparttar 141917 most hidden of all branches of Metaphysics is Metaphysical Success

Philosophy or what is referred to asrepparttar 141918 Philosophy of Abundance. Why is itrepparttar 141919 most hidden branch of Metaphysics--because, most ofrepparttar 141920 world’s governments and nations have become capitalistic societies. In order for capitalism to work, you must have two groupsrepparttar 141921 haves andrepparttar 141922 have-nots.. You must have people who are in debt. You must have a large demand in order to have a large supply.

If everyone received Abundance Training, then there would not berepparttar 141923 large gap betweenrepparttar 141924 haves andrepparttar 141925 have-nots. In fact, many of our issues involving poverty, homelessness, debt, broken homes, and broken families would be eliminated because people would haverepparttar 141926 tools to live in Divine Flow of wealth, success, financial freedom, love, devotion, and optimal health.

The Scrolls and The Grail

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

DEAD SEA SCROLLS: - Dr Norman Golb is a top scholar who makes a plea forrepparttar de-politicization ofrepparttar 141858 Dead Sea Scrolls. His plea is not related torepparttar 141859 current argument that Palestine will own or controlrepparttar 141860 Scrolls but torepparttar 141861 Generals and politicians who piecemeal and with apparent deceit are doling out access to these important documents forrepparttar 141862 examination of scholars. The original involvement ofrepparttar 141863 Catholic scholars andrepparttar 141864 Scrolls being housed in a Museum named forrepparttar 141865 Rockefellers is of more concern to me. The management ofrepparttar 141866 life of Jesus and his brother James ('the Righteous) who ledrepparttar 141867 group at Qumran that some are calling Essenes is whyrepparttar 141868 concern exists for myself and others who knowrepparttar 141869 ways ofrepparttar 141870 Christologists. They have blamedrepparttar 141871 Jews for 'killing our Saviour'.

The documents discovered at Dag (or Nag) Hammadi inrepparttar 141872 same decade were fully translated by 1971 and they are of equal if not greater insight. The life of Jesus as a 'Therapeutae' or Gnostic with a 'Source' of learning in a large family of adepts is contrary to all sorts of proselytes and his involvement of an equal partner and wife puts a lie to a lot of 'only begotten' or other Divine appellations sought byrepparttar 141873 Popes who have claimed to berepparttar 141874 only representatives ofrepparttar 141875 Lord on Earth. This 'Source' is described correctly by Barrett asrepparttar 141876 very Grail thatrepparttar 141877 Dag Hammadi scrolls represent fromrepparttar 141878 verbal tradition or Qabala. If you consider that there was no name or actual Christians atrepparttar 141879 time of Jesus we will be starting at a fair beginning. The Copper Scrolls that made coded references torepparttar 141880 site of Solomon's treasure were found here as well. That is of import to our continuing effort to know what trade and designs exist (ed) inrepparttar 141881 Templar to Benjaminite or Merovingian lineage. It is more important to start with this 'Source' as many Biblical scholars are calling it. They call it this rather than a pagan tradition of Bardic and nature worshippers or Phoenicians, asrepparttar 141882 Father of Biblical Archaeology assures us that evenrepparttar 141883 Bible itself should be seen as being. We are ofrepparttar 141884 opinion that all documents and related things that reflect onrepparttar 141885 life of Christ are part and parcel ofrepparttar 141886 'Holy Grail'; andrepparttar 141887 churchians were crusading and killing to get them and controlrepparttar 141888 truth that might upset their marketing and other plans. Thus we should provide a little proof ofrepparttar 141889 actual religions and politics ofrepparttar 141890 time that Jesus was alive upon this earth.

"The Bible imaginesrepparttar 141891 religion of ancient Israel as purely monotheistic. And doubtless there were Israelites, particularly those associated withrepparttar 141892 Jerusalem Temple, who were strict monotheists. Butrepparttar 141893 archaeological evidence (andrepparttar 141894 Bible, too, if you read it closely enough) suggests thatrepparttar 141895 monotheism of many Israelites was far from pure. For them, Yahweh (the name ofrepparttar 141896 Israelite god) was notrepparttar 141897 only divinity. Some Israelites believed that Yahweh had a female consort. And many Israelite invokedrepparttar 141898 divinity withrepparttar 141899 help of images {Remember Onias' Temple in Egypt andrepparttar 141900 archaeology ofrepparttar 141901 sacrificing of Ibises practiced by Moses and later Jews.}, particularly figurines. I call this Israelite religion pagan Yahwism.

The archaeological evidence we will look at comes mostly from Judah in what is known in archaeological terms asrepparttar 141902 Assyrian period,repparttar 141903 span from 721 B.C.E., whenrepparttar 141904 Assyrians destroyedrepparttar 141905 northern kingdom of Israel, until 586 B.C.E., whenrepparttar 141906 Babylonians conquered Jerusalem, destroyedrepparttar 141907 Temple and brought an end torepparttar 141908 Davidic dynasty in Judah. This period, to put it into perspective, is several centuries after King Solomon builtrepparttar 141909 Jerusalem Temple {Actually done by an architect Mason from Tyre named Hiram but notrepparttar 141910 King of that name and time.} in about 950 B.C.E. Sorepparttar 141911 archaeological evidence we are about to discuss documents a level of Israelite paganism long after Solomon built an exclusive home for Israel's god. {The Incas and other used such techniques of social management rather than garrison armies in occupied territories.}

While Yahweh wasrepparttar 141912 god ofrepparttar 141913 Israelites, other nations had their own national gods. The chief god ofrepparttar 141914 Phoenicians was Ba'al. Forrepparttar 141915 Philistines,repparttar 141916 chief god was at first Dagon {As noted earlier we suggested a Berber/Phoenician connection to Philistine. This Dagon is almostrepparttar 141917 same asrepparttar 141918 Dogon of West Africa who are early observers of Siriusrepparttar 141919 Dog Star. This is a Berber influence to be sure.} and later also Ba'al {He could mention Bel in Mesopotamia isrepparttar 141920 same as Ba'al but he is just developingrepparttar 141921 extensive similarity ofrepparttar 141922 actual worship of people with different names within a gradually degrading or devolving 'Brotherhood'. We can't expect all of these things to be integrated all at once, can we?}(Judges 16:23; 2 Kings 1:2). Forrepparttar 141923 Ammonites it was Milkom. Forrepparttar 141924 Moabites {In Deuteronomy 23 you will see prejudice and hatred excluding them fromrepparttar 141925 'House ofrepparttar 141926 Lord', 'Yes, even untorepparttar 141927 tenth generation' along with 'bastards’ and 'he who is wounded inrepparttar 141928 stones'.}, Chemosh. Forrepparttar 141929 Edomites, Qos. And forrepparttar 141930 Israelites and Judahites -- Yahweh. Except forrepparttar 141931 Edomite god Qos, who appears only inrepparttar 141932 archaeological record, all of these gods are mentioned inrepparttar 141933 Bible (1 Kings 11:5, 7, 33).

Interestingly, while each nation's chief god had a distinctive name, his consort,repparttar 141934 chief female deity, hadrepparttar 141935 same name in all these cultures: Asherah or its variants Ashtoreth or Astarte. (As we shall see, this was even true of Yahweh's consort.)

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