....The Future Of Telecommunications May Look Very Different....

Written by Michael Lemm

The current "frenzy" over VoIP seems to focused mostly on BroadBand phones and their predicted replacement of landline phone calls as we know it.

But that's justrepparttar obvious action onrepparttar 133343 surface.

VoIP technology is & can be much more than that. And company R&D is gearing up in unprecedented ways to prepare for that surprising leap in expectation.

Notice I said expectation.

Seemsrepparttar 133344 old business model in Telco was that whateverrepparttar 133345 companies came up with is whatrepparttar 133346 consumer would take.

The companies droverepparttar 133347 market & what was in it...including any technology "advancements" and their application, distribution, etc.

Remember.....we had dial-up internet....then DSL, cable, & satellite access. Now WiFi & soon reliable WiMax deployment.

We had high cpm PSTN / POTS residential phone calls....then we had bundled local/LD.... then flat rate LD. Now Broadband phone (VoIP).

We had bulky analog cell phones then digital/PCS, text messaging, and now sleek video cellular.

But that is old world thinking.

The reason is 2 fold....

First....VoIP technology (note I didn't say VoIP "phone") stands to afford unprecedented advancements and capabilities yet to be seen. The potential is boggling.

Average Residential Tenant Has Email Address

Written by AllYouCanRent.com

Joel Webb, President and CEO of AllYouCanRent.com says that withrepparttar growing technology in today's markets, even in non-wired cities like Greensboro, NC, Property Managers are seeing that most callers who inquire about properties have an email address.

"This gives AllYouCanRent.com members an advantage by sending their property listings to potential inquiring tenants.", says Mr. Webb.

"Overrepparttar 133342 past couple years, we have advertised property listings online and offline. We started asking tenants if we can email them more information. Approximately 80% ofrepparttar 133343 people we asked have an email address, andrepparttar 133344 other 20% know of somebody who does. What this means forrepparttar 133345 property management industry is that potential tenants will be able to virtually see properties even before stepping inside a house.", says Webb.

This is a tremendous time-saver to Property Managers. Instead of running out and showing a property, it can be emailed with pictures and a detailed description. Ifrepparttar 133346 inquiring tenant is still interested, then a showing can be scheduled.

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