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SKIPJACKS AT MELDHAL My brother drove us up to Meldhal dam to get some Skipjacks for catfish bait. It took about 40 minutes to reachrepparttar 140163 Kentucky side ofrepparttar 140164 dam. There were a number of guys already fishing for skipjacks as we walked downrepparttar 140165 hill. Some of them were up on toprepparttar 140166 dead wall. Four or five were atrepparttar 140167 corner ofrepparttar 140168 bank and wall. It was too crowded there so we walked down torepparttar 140169 rocky area to try our luck.

The back eddy current fromrepparttar 140170 dam had that area all messed up with drift material. We tried fishing at that spot for around 30 minutes. I then noticed some ofrepparttar 140171 guys onrepparttar 140172 dead wall were leaving.. The guys inrepparttar 140173 corner area had been catching some skipjacks as I was watching them. The schools of skipjacks would come in and jump all over for about 10 to 15 minutes, then move out. Duringrepparttar 140174 lull, I moved up torepparttar 140175 top ofrepparttar 140176 dead wall. On top ofrepparttar 140177 dead wall you get a great view ofrepparttar 140178 fish moving around chasingrepparttar 140179 Shad. The water was much clearer inrepparttar 140180 corner section than down byrepparttar 140181 rocks.

Right next torepparttar 140182 dam gate wall a guy byrepparttar 140183 name of Dennis was fishing from his chair. I kept casting time after time with no hits. Dennis was catching a skipjack or 2 about every third cast wheneverrepparttar 140184 schools of fish were in that area. He gave me his catch instead of throwing them backingrepparttar 140185 river. I was amazed by repparttar 140186 size of those fish. They were averaging over 12 inches. The longer ones went 14 1/2 to 15 inches long.

Fun Games for Children Training in Martial Arts

Written by Eric Gehler

Keeping children interested in their Martial Arts training requires an element of fun and games. Traditionalists are usually only concerned withrepparttar discipline and structure of their training, but incorporating fun games involving proper techniques will add torepparttar 140108 value of training and keeprepparttar 140109 kids interested.

Here are a few fun games and activities that utilize Martial Arts skills to keeprepparttar 140110 enthusiasm high and kids interested in their training.

Sensei Says

Sensei Says is a take off ofrepparttar 140111 old “Simon Says Game”. In this versionrepparttar 140112 instructor or parent would call out various martial arts techniques forrepparttar 140113 children to perform.

One instructor or parent is designated as “Sensei” or Leader. Children are instructed to follow and performrepparttar 140114 commands ofrepparttar 140115 “Sensei” only ifrepparttar 140116 command is initiated byrepparttar 140117 words “Sensei Says”. The leader will call out various commands. Ifrepparttar 140118 child does not performrepparttar 140119 task when initiated byrepparttar 140120 words “Sensei Says” they are out ofrepparttar 140121 game. Ifrepparttar 140122 leader commands a task without usingrepparttar 140123 prompt “Sensei Says” andrepparttar 140124 child performsrepparttar 140125 task, thenrepparttar 140126 child is out ofrepparttar 140127 game. Last child remaining wins.

Wild & Crazy Blocker

Requirements: 2 padded foam blockers.

The instructor or parent will attempt to strikerepparttar 140128 child withrepparttar 140129 padded foam blocker. The attempted strikes should vary from left side to right side, and to various body points, including Head, Chest, Stomach, and Legs.

The child will use their martial arts blocking skills to “block” those strikes.

Each time a “strike” connects withoutrepparttar 140130 child blocking or shielding they receive a point. Three points or three “strikes” and they are out.

Danger Alley

Requirements: 4 people, various Martial Arts Foam Blockers, Body Shields, Target Squares. A diagram is available at

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