Portrait of a Barista

Written by Iulia Pascanu

The barista isrepparttar Italian word forrepparttar 113197 skilled person who prepares coffee (ultimately espresso) in a coffee house. What would you want your barista to be like?

This is not a trick question. The more I think of it,repparttar 113198 more I believe it, thatrepparttar 113199 world of coffee making must be laying onrepparttar 113200 shoulders of a barista.

I believe that becauserepparttar 113201 coffee I am beeing served in a coffee house, I expect it to be good. Onrepparttar 113202 other hand,repparttar 113203 manager ofrepparttar 113204 bar expects me to be pleased withrepparttar 113205 service and come again. Ifrepparttar 113206 coffee is not good, I will not do that.

Now who is responsible for this small gearing to work? You probably have guessed it,repparttar 113207 barista.

Are you wondering what a barista is and how can you recognise him or her?

1. Well, he or she does not have a specific age or appearance. Nor nationality. In Italy,repparttar 113208 country that gaverepparttar 113209 name ofrepparttar 113210 job, a barista is most likely a man aroundrepparttar 113211 age of 40. In America, there are more chances that you find a young lady. But not necessarily. 2. One sure thing is they're susceptible to be found behindrepparttar 113212 bar-counter, always ready to prepare several varieties of coffee 'expressly for you' - byrepparttar 113213 way, did you know this wasrepparttar 113214 initial definition ofrepparttar 113215 espresso coffee?

Food and feng shui

Written by Jakob Jelling

Feng shui has a great impact onrepparttar food we eat. Feng shui,repparttar 113196 food we eat and ourselves are interrelated and influence each other. Chi and our life balance are highly influenced by food, starting on how it was harvested and produced, going through how we cook it andrepparttar 113197 environment and mood in which we eat it.

Chi or positive energy flows in food as well as in everything else, and its quality depends a lot onrepparttar 113198 way we cook it. Actually, eating has direct relation with energy flowing, since it isrepparttar 113199 way we receive energy and it becomes part of us. Therefore,repparttar 113200 source of that energy, which is food, should be handled very carefully.

Harmony and balance is an important aspect ofrepparttar 113201 relationship between food and feng shui. It is important that we eat balanced food, which consists in variety and balance of colors. Feng shui recommends that a dish should contain different colors which are in harmony with each other. You should try to use as many different colors as possible in one same dish atrepparttar 113202 same time as they should combine and look good together.

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