"Photos your photographer won't take at your wedding....unless you ask for them!"

Written by Bill Collins

It has been my experience, with 40 years as a wedding photographer, thatrepparttar most forgotten people when it comes to photos at a wedding are oftenrepparttar 122067 individual parents ofrepparttar 122068 bride and/or groom.

Most photographers will be sure to includerepparttar 122069 parents in photos withrepparttar 122070 bride and groom, but most will never think to inquire about doing groups ofrepparttar 122071 individual dads ofrepparttar 122072 bride or groom with all his brothers and sisters who are present atrepparttar 122073 wedding. And of course,repparttar 122074 same is true withrepparttar 122075 individual moms ofrepparttar 122076 bridal couple, too.

While you're getting these photos taken, be sure to include any parents and grand-parents of those brothers and sisters that are there, too, to capture their entire core family group in photos.

A wedding is almostrepparttar 122077 perfect place to take these kind of photos withrepparttar 122078 individual parents and their siblings. Everyone inrepparttar 122079 families has gathered forrepparttar 122080 big event, many times from far flung regions ofrepparttar 122081 country.

Their child's wedding may well berepparttar 122082 first timerepparttar 122083 brothers and sisters have gotten together in years. It may be many years inrepparttar 122084 future before they are ever together again. Ifrepparttar 122085 opportunity to take these group photos is passed over because nobody thought much aboutrepparttar 122086 importance of this fleeting opportunity, then those photos may end up never being captured. These photos often turn out to berepparttar 122087 most important and most appreciated of allrepparttar 122088 photos I take regularily atrepparttar 122089 wedding.

I'd be willing to bet that less than 10 percent of wedding photographers plying their trade today know to get these photos for you. You will have to specifically ask for them to be taken, or they just won't be done!

Other important people that most photographers will probably overlook photographing for you atrepparttar 122090 wedding, unless you give them your written photo request list, arerepparttar 122091 bride and/or groom's god parents, groups ofrepparttar 122092 bride and/or groom's co-workers, high school friends, youth camp friends, fellow fraternity and sorority members, fellow sports team members for high school or college.

The one thing no wedding photographer can do is look at a room full of total strangers and figure out how they interlock with each other just by looking! I gave up trying to do that after photographing my very first wedding 40 years ago! Now I send each bride an email beforerepparttar 122093 wedding requesting exactly this sort of information, so that I don't end up missing anyone of importance torepparttar 122094 bridal couple on their special day.

You will want to see to it that your wedding photographer is thoroughly armed with this often overlook information, so that they will get these photos for you. Remember, your wedding photographer can't read your mind when it comes to who among those present on your wedding are important to you and need to be photographed with you.

Wedding Rings – Through the Ages and for All Eternity

Written by M J Plaster

The exact origin ofrepparttar wedding ring is uncertain and is rife with superstition and mythology. Papyruses dating back torepparttar 122066 ancient Egyptian civilization depict wedding rings, and historians creditrepparttar 122067 land ofrepparttar 122068 Pharaohs with originating this tradition. Engagement or betrothal rings were in use as far back as prehistoric times, butrepparttar 122069 wedding ring is a relatively new tradition, and unlikerepparttar 122070 engagement ring, is steeped in religious ritual.

In ancient times, accepting a wedding ring constituted a legally binding agreement between husband and wife. The wife became property ofrepparttar 122071 husband, a holding of sorts. It also represented protection torepparttar 122072 wife—a protection against challengers seizing her legal and rightful position in a power grab.

Early Egyptian wedding rings were simple circular bands, crudely crafted from indigenous materials such as hemp and reeds. The lifespan ofrepparttar 122073 average wedding ring was approximately one year. It's a safe bet thatrepparttar 122074 average marriage outlastedrepparttar 122075 average wedding band, sincerepparttar 122076 eternal circle signified eternal love and devotion. The circle also representedrepparttar 122077 joining of two halves to create a whole. The hole inrepparttar 122078 center symbolizedrepparttar 122079 gateway torepparttar 122080 unknown—the future. Wedding bands of ivory, leather, and other sturdy materials were crafted by those who desired a more permanent token of eternity.

Metals replacedrepparttar 122081 earlier hemp and reed wedding bands. The early Romans moved to lead, while other civilizations chose brass and copper. Eventually, gold emerged asrepparttar 122082 metal of choice. In fact, early Irish couples insisted on gold, as any other material was thought to bring bad luck at best, and constitute an illegal marriage at worst. For couples unable to afford gold wedding bands, gold wedding rings were secured forrepparttar 122083 service and returned immediately afterward.

Early crude designs were adorned with semiprecious metals in an attempt to disguiserepparttar 122084 handiwork. The color ofrepparttar 122085 stones also held significance. The red ruby signifiedrepparttar 122086 heart,repparttar 122087 blue sapphire signifiedrepparttar 122088 skies andrepparttar 122089 heavens, andrepparttar 122090 rare diamond's indestructible nature signifiedrepparttar 122091 indestructible bond of marriage.

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