"...Nope. Sorry. Too Busy."

Written by Andre Best

I was having a conversation with my wiferepparttar other day. Rather, she was conversing with me through a rather interrogational way. She's known to do that sometimes with me. Especially whenrepparttar 122501 issue at hand is about my MLM biz.

Anyway, she was asking about priorities in my life and when I thought about what she was asking me it suddenly occurred to me that when I answered a part of her question by stating that 'I didn't have time' for what she was thinking I should be doing... I realized that I had actually lied to her without knowing it.

You see, I've written about this before and I'll do so here.

We all haverepparttar 122502 time to do our business. The real (and more accurate) question is do we make it a 'priority'?

I know you've almost all heard before from your guru upline triple- chocolate double-diamond star-command leader that a new distributor can either choose to treat their new business as a hobby, or they can choose to treat it for what it is... a business.

Treat it like a hobby and make 'hobby' income, if any at all.

Treat it like a business and make potential 'gangster' money, if at all.

Now, with this small insight I had after conversing with my loved one I would like you to think of this hobby/business stuff as more appropriately a 'priority/not a priority' issue.

I'll explain.

You see, if you haven't yet already you're going to come across whole boatloads of folks (a.k.a. prospects) who are going to reply/yell/scream/swear back at you...

"Look... I just don't haverepparttar 122503 time so quit bugging me and don't ever call/talk to me again about your new biz".

Now I would like to ask you (rhetorically anyway :-), does that Jane/Joe prospect really not haverepparttar 122504 time to do a biz deal with you? In some cases... yes. But inrepparttar 122505 vast majority of cases... no.

Think about it. What do you do when *you* don't want to do something?

I know, I know... silly question...

"Duh, Andre, when I don't want to do something I, ah, DON'T DO IT!"

I deserved that answer. :-)

But my point here is that when you truly don't want to do something there is something going on beneathrepparttar 122506 surface of your inaction. You see, you're not only not doing what you don't want to do - you're also making a decision that what you're choosing to not do is also, forrepparttar 122507 moment at least, not important enough for you to take up your valuable time to do.

Essentially, you're deciding thatrepparttar 122508 proposed task at hand is not a 'priority'.

And what does it mean when something is not a priority?

...It means that that something is not important enough to start and/or finish.

...It means that that particular something is not ranking high enough in your daily scheme of things to actually dedicate or set-aside time to do it.

...It means that although it might be important to get done there are other things that you've decided are more important and they are going to get done instead ofrepparttar 122509 proposed task-at-hand.

...It means that even thoughrepparttar 122510 task-at-hand might be a bona-fide way for you to actually make $800,000 your first week in your MLM deal (joke :-), it just doesn't turn your crank or press your buttons enough to get you into action to do something about it.

Now, let's continue and apply this to your fledgling MLM deal.


Let's get back to that Jane/Joe prospect situation.

They're telling you that they don't haverepparttar 122511 'time' to do your deal.

----~~~~==== Comment ====~~~~---- Just yesterday I received an unsubscribe to my auto-responder on my main deal.

The fellow unsubscribing was nice enough to write a small note along with his unsubscribe request...

"Not interested. I work full-time."

(Ya gotta wonder about folks sometimes :-) ---~~~=== Comment - End ===~~~---

Now that you're armed withrepparttar 122512 information I just provided you with above... you now know that they're just using this 'time' response as an excuse.

What they're really saying is that they don't have starting a biz up on their priority list. It may be onrepparttar 122513 list, don't get me wrong, it's just not at or nearrepparttar 122514 top ofrepparttar 122515 list. Not high enough to actually get them into action and considering your deal. Or someone else's.

Instead they tell folks who contact them (after THEY requested to be contacted in most cases nonetheless!) that they don't have time.

That's fine. Leave 'em alone.

----~~~~==== Comment ====~~~~---- This kind of reminds me of a conversation I overheard one day while living down here in Arizona whererepparttar 122516 wearing of helmets while driving/riding on a motorcycle is strictly (and legally) voluntary.

The Right Time to BE Successful in MLM

Written by Andre Best

Recently I was watching one of Bob Proctor's videos from his 'Born Rich' seminars and was hit with this powerful insight.

Inrepparttar very last video ofrepparttar 122500 video set Bob walked on stage with an hourglass and set it onrepparttar 122501 podium he was standing next to.

He proceeded to explainrepparttar 122502 concept ofrepparttar 122503 hourglass and how it dramatically changed his life when he reflected on what was contained withinrepparttar 122504 'concept' of this time-keeping object.

I'll explain.

You see, I got my insightrepparttar 122505 night after I watchedrepparttar 122506 video.

There was something about his simple explanation ofrepparttar 122507 hourglass concept. And yet when I was watchingrepparttar 122508 video I couldn't quite put my finger on exactly what it was that was trying to break free into my conscious mind.

Regardless, I did haverepparttar 122509 breakthrough and it just about floored me.

You see, when Bob showed usrepparttar 122510 hourglass, he was actually showing us 'time'.

Yes, time.

Second by second and then minute by minuterepparttar 122511 hourglass is a way to actually SEE time.

Sound weird?

I'll explain more.


You see,repparttar 122512 hourglass is just that. An hourglass shaped object, usually made out of glass and shaped like a cylinder that had a string tightly pulled across it's midsection asrepparttar 122513 glass was drying after being blown into shape. The top andrepparttar 122514 bottom ofrepparttar 122515 hourglass are sealed, but only after one of them is mostly filled with a small grainy material, usually sand.

Hence, 'the sands of time'.

The small midsection is large enough to only allow a couple or a few grains of sand to fall throughrepparttar 122516 'opening' at any particular time.

Eventually, whenrepparttar 122517 hourglass has been standing upright for a lengthy period of time, all ofrepparttar 122518 sand has dropped fromrepparttar 122519 upper half ofrepparttar 122520 hourglass intorepparttar 122521 bottom half ofrepparttar 122522 hourglass.

If a person wants to dorepparttar 122523 dropping ofrepparttar 122524 sand again, they only need turnrepparttar 122525 hourglass upside-down andrepparttar 122526 process starts all over.

Now, let's get torepparttar 122527 good stuff.


Picture in your mindrepparttar 122528 hourglass standing upright. The sand is dropping intorepparttar 122529 lower chamber. Grain by grain.


After grain.

After grain.

After grain...

Partial second by partial second by partial second.

A perfect time-piece. Regardless of what is being timed.

The hourglass keeps 'working' as long as there is sand inrepparttar 122530 upper chamber andrepparttar 122531 hourglass is kept upright.

Now, you need to work with me on this time stuff...


Imaginerepparttar 122532 lower chamber ofrepparttar 122533 hourglass as representingrepparttar 122534 'past'. Everything that's fallen into this chamber has done just that. It's 'fallen'. It's done with it's falling. It's over. Done.



Also, imaginerepparttar 122535 upper chamber as representingrepparttar 122536 'future'. All that is yet to happen. All that is yet to occur. Not yet here. Not yet fallen. Not yet gone intorepparttar 122537 past. Waiting.

The future.

Byrepparttar 122538 nature ofrepparttar 122539 hourglass, allrepparttar 122540 contents of this chamber will 'have to' fall intorepparttar 122541 lower chamber. This is a law of nature. Gravity.


And last, imaginerepparttar 122542 small squeezed area inrepparttar 122543 middle ofrepparttar 122544 hourglass asrepparttar 122545 'present'. This is what is occurring NOW. This isrepparttar 122546 transition fromrepparttar 122547 'future' upper chamber torepparttar 122548 'past' lower chamber. All movement occurs here.

Future turns into past here.

The rate of occurrence at this point inrepparttar 122549 hourglass shape is set byrepparttar 122550 nature ofrepparttar 122551 shape ofrepparttar 122552 hourglass. Only a set number of grains of sand can fall through this area at any one particular time.

The sands can only fall in one direction. Down. The sand can't be rushed. Or slowed. The only real activity that is occurring in this entire structure and object is occurring in this tiny point of space.

The present.


Now, let's move further with this and get into how this insight can really impact YOUR MLM business...

If you will, continue imagining with me.

Imagine that each grain of sand represents an 'experience' you're having during your existence on this planet.

Imagine that each grain of sand as it falls throughrepparttar 122553 hourglass 'present-zone' represents a particular point in time along your time on this planet.

Imagine that allrepparttar 122554 grains of sand inrepparttar 122555 upper chamber are experiences you haven't had yet. And allrepparttar 122556 grains of sand inrepparttar 122557 lower chamber are experiences you've had and they're in your 'past'. They're done.

Now, let's put YOU inrepparttar 122558 picture. Where ARE you inrepparttar 122559 picture?

Where do you belong?

Where do your business efforts belong?

Where should your thoughts belong?

Where should your planning belong?

Where should your prospecting efforts and concentrated business- building efforts be occurring?

Where, I take that back...WHEN should you be living?

Inrepparttar 122560 upper chamber?

The lower one?

The 'present-zone' inrepparttar 122561 middle?

Would you like to knowrepparttar 122562 answer to these questions in relation to howrepparttar 122563 vast majority of people live their lives? It's simple.

The vast majority of people on this planet EXIST inrepparttar 122564 'present', THINKING aboutrepparttar 122565 'past, and HOPING for a good 'future'.

I ask you...

Does this describe you?

Do you spendrepparttar 122566 vast majority of your time as you attempt to build your MLM business thinking about how it won't work 'because it didn't work before'? And how you haverepparttar 122567 grain of sand inrepparttar 122568 lower chamber to prove it? Orrepparttar 122569 fifty grains of sand?

Do you think that all you have to do is wait until that magic grain of sand comes rushing fromrepparttar 122570 future and through your 'present' time and unloads all its riches into your life?

Most people do that.

And then they die after that last grain of sand drops.

Are you waiting for that magic MLM 'heavy-hitter' to enter your 'present-zone'?

Are you sitting back and waiting for your present MLM business to grow itself without you really ever lifting a finger to MAKE it happen? To get it in gear?

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