....More "Scoop" On MLM Leads Programs....

Written by Michael Lemm

If you really look at all ofrepparttar discussions on MLM leads at MLMForums.com .... you'll see I'm not necessarily advocating one approach over another.

I'm boiling down allrepparttar 122449 rhetoric thrown out about leads to this....

You either generate them yourself....or you pay someone to do it for you.

YOUR choice entirely...and should be decided based on what is best for YOU.

As long as you finally understand there are really only 2 choices....you can then decide what makes business sense for YOUR business. Either or both. I do both. I'd guess that many do that also.

Here's some additional tidbits.....

* There are multiple ways to generate your own leads....not just splash pages and NOT just online. The "nitty gritty" I boiled things done to as far as self-generating can include ANYTHING you personally do to generate a lead yourself. Direct mailing, business card exchanges, online/offline networking, fliers, opt-in lists, event booths, car decals, ads inrepparttar 122450 programs at high school football games, yada yada. ANYTHING which comes purely from your effort, time, and money. There's a wide variety of what & how and is your choice what best fits your business plan & model.

* How do you know what a "lead generation" website said? Sometimes you do...sometimes you don't. A reputable leads source will be as targeted as possible.....such as company specific leads from your own company. Those are atrepparttar 122451 top ofrepparttar 122452 ladder. Something like Traffic Oasis isrepparttar 122453 next tier down for those ...if they choose...to have leads generated for them when their company doesn't provide that. The bottom ofrepparttar 122454 barrel tier includes generic "come one come all" leads and so called traffic exchanges and hits services.

That's over simplified and doesn't even touch on things like co-registration leads which are trash....folks opting in for some kind of contest etc. who "check a box" about home biz info OR don't see a box automatically checked unless they change it. Pure trash.

Drink Up...Neat MLM Advertising Idea

Written by Michael Lemm

Here is a tip for getting more traffic and building public awareness of your MLM domain (MLM website url) for those who want a lot of local traffic.

1) Go visit a restaurant or pub in your locality and ask them how many coffee / beer cups they require per month.

2) Tell them you will give cups to them for free but it has to have your domain or logo on it. If they don't agree add some free advertisement for them on your website to makerepparttar offer irresistible.

3) If you getrepparttar 122448 deal - Bingo ! Now you will get hundreds of people sipping coffee and getting to know about your domain. Soon you will start getting more traffic.

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