I Challenge the 'experts'

Written by Robert Bruce Baird


Whatrepparttar nature of 'mystery schools' was before Tuthmosis re-organized them (25) is hard to say. The claims of people withinrepparttar 146371 Masons are challenged by many scholars. In readingrepparttar 146372 work of Conor MacDari, who seems to be a truth-teller from a group within Masonry that deplores many ofrepparttar 146373 undisciplined practices, I tend to think they do have a good claim to having beenrepparttar 146374 builders ofrepparttar 146375 Pyramid who originatedrepparttar 146376 Hebrew ethnic group. His work in 'Irish Wisdom' has been a source of intense study and verification for me duringrepparttar 146377 last eleven years and he seems to placerepparttar 146378 designer(s) ofrepparttar 146379 Pyramid group above or outside his own cadre.

The 'white' refers to a powder used to levitaterepparttar 146380 Pyramid rock; according to Gardner and many others withinrepparttar 146381 mystic community this isrepparttar 146382 only explanation forrepparttar 146383 'fit' ofrepparttar 146384 Pyramid rock. The interior dimensions ofrepparttar 146385 resting place assumed to have been a sarcophagus (I am not sure there ever was a lid and I think it was a focusing chamber withinrepparttar 146386 king's chamber to positionrepparttar 146387 individual atrepparttar 146388 optimum 'power spot'. Don Juan goes into great length emphasizing this aspect ofrepparttar 146389 earth energy grid and Cayce does as well. Cayce was a 33rd degree Mason and his father was a Mason as well.} by Egyptologists (26) have 1/200th inch tolerances. We find it hard to believe even Christopher Dunn can explain this by machining and drills. Geopolymerization (rock-making) was covered in Science fromrepparttar 146390 modern day patent holder Dr Davidovits, of this eminently do-able method. Serious scholars of fair intent have difficulty settlingrepparttar 146391 debates over howrepparttar 146392 Pyramid was built. No credible answer is exclusively reached and it is our opinion a variety of methods were used in different situations. For example it would be difficult to justify building molds for obelisks of specific one time dimension or corniche stones of unique application. The machining approach would be used to finish rock poured in place. Inrepparttar 146393 time before I read Davidovits and Morris's book, I thoughtrepparttar 146394 levitation approach wasrepparttar 146395 only answer that make sense ofrepparttar 146396 large rocks at Ba'albek andrepparttar 146397 600 Ton cornerstone of Solomon's Temple. And that did not turn me on.

After intensive discussion with Marjorie Morris, including chemical analysis and weighing done by Kansas State University (not included in their book) I was convinced 'rock-making' was a major part ofrepparttar 146398 process and that made me feel a lot better aboutrepparttar 146399 'slave' issue. It didn't seem likely givenrepparttar 146400 opportunities to be a mercenary andrepparttar 146401 lack of rational reasons to suggest 40 years would be enough to build this pristinely precise monument - as Egyptology suggests. The recent attempts to duplicaterepparttar 146402 feat are woefully inadequate and actually include fraud and misrepresentations. The recent ARCHAEOLOGY magazine issue that intimates they were just imitations of natural landforms is patently ridiculous. Whetherrepparttar 146403 'white powder’ was usable in building these structures I can't say. Gardner's descriptions ofrepparttar 146404 way it works include a fluctuating weightlessness that would still makerepparttar 146405 'fit' difficult. The quarried rock would still be even more difficult to machine to actual tolerances that sometimes mirrorrepparttar 146406 Tiahuanaco exactitude where angled {N.B.} rocks are almost earthquake proof! How can one quarry rocks with numerous angles and not break them?

Hello Houston

Written by Charles Douglas Wehner

"Hello Houston, we have a problem".

"We copy you, Apollo 55. What SEEMS to berepparttar problem"?

"It'srepparttar 146324 arithmetic. Everything looks so different from up here. As Charles Douglas Wehner pointed out, at http://wehner.org/agrav , our speed is added to that of anything that is coming towards us, or orbitting towards us. It is taken away fromrepparttar 146325 speed of anything moving or orbitting inrepparttar 146326 same direction as us".

"We copy you, Apollo 55. That's no problem. If A plus B equals C, then C minus A is B. If E is twice F, then F is half E. Just reverse all equations, and imagine you are in Houston".

"We copy you, Houston - butrepparttar 146327 linear relativity of Ernst Mach does not work at these speeds and distances. We have plenty of food, oxygen and fuel. However, we find thatrepparttar 146328 "Mighty Child" anomaly Wehner described in "Spin-Orbit Duality" applies to us (see http://www.goarticles.com/cgi-bin/showa.cgi?C=12988 )".

"We copy you, Apollo 55 - please explainrepparttar 146329 problem".

"A child has allrepparttar 146330 energy it needs to spin a top, but would need to be almighty to putrepparttar 146331 universe into orbit around that top - so spin-orbit duality breaks down. Einstein discovered that he needed to distort time or space, or something - just to make his equations balance. We are forced into non-linear (Einsteinian) Relativity, and cannot makerepparttar 146332 equations balance. Either we have more than enough energy to get home, or vastly too little. Nor, from up here, can we matchrepparttar 146333 data you have sent us".

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