I Am Woman Hear Me Roar: The Female Homebuyer And Seller Part 1

Written by Elaine VonCannon

Imagine this scenario: June Cleaver realizes she is unhappy with her life as a housewife and now thatrepparttar kids are grown decides to get a job at a restaurant. Once she has saved some money of her own she gives Wardrepparttar 146014 old “heave ho” and makes plans to buy her own home. Fifty years ago this type of situation was unheard of. In fact, fifty years ago if June had decided to leave Ward she would have ended up with a bad reputation and probably been turned away by a majority of real estate professionals. Even though women were legally allowed to own property, American culture has taken many years to acceptrepparttar 146015 idea of women buying, owning and selling their own homes. In 2005 single, retired, widowed, married and divorced women are all a part of changingrepparttar 146016 face ofrepparttar 146017 real estate market.

First Considerations: Safety, Community and Convenience

A practical woman looks for a home that suits all of her needs. Safety and convenience are two ofrepparttar 146018 most important considerations. Make a list ofrepparttar 146019 most important attributes your new home and neighborhood must have. Be sure to prioritize carefully and honestly. You may want to considerrepparttar 146020 proximity of schools and daycare. You may choose a location close to your job or a university where you plan to further your education. Evenrepparttar 146021 location ofrepparttar 146022 local grocery stores or drug stores can affect your decision. Many women also choose their neighborhood in search of community and security. As a single woman you may not want to live in a suburban neighborhood whererepparttar 146023 population consists of mostly married couples and their children. It may be more beneficial to purchase in an area that has a demographic more suited to your lifestyle. Condominiums and townhouses are great options for female retirees looking for less maintenance responsibilities or a single woman looking for added safety. Buying a home located above street level with neighbors in close proximity creates stronger security. Currently, single women account for at least a third of all condominium and townhouse sales according torepparttar 146024 National Association of REALTORS‚ (NAR). When making this type of purchase be sure to researchrepparttar 146025 fees and amenities included in your purchase. Know what your responsibilities are and be sure you can fulfill them.

I Am Woman Hear Me Roar: The Female Homebuyer and Seller Part 2

Written by Elaine VonCannon

In Part 1 of this series of articles I discussed female home buying trends inrepparttar US and things women commonly consider when making an important real estate purchase. In Part 2, I would like to continue this discussion from an investment, relocation and selling perspective. Women are now beginning to invest in real estate to improve their portfolios. The purchase of a second home, rental property or rehab project are all ways to build an investment history. In recent yearsrepparttar 146013 stock market has been unpredictable while real estate has continued to appreciate. Even thoughrepparttar 146014 real estate market does not grow as fast it is more stable overrepparttar 146015 long term, this appeals to many female investors. Female homebuyers and sellers have begun to recognize that a home can berepparttar 146016 cornerstone of a personal financial strategy to build wealth and security.

It’s Tool Time Ladies!

Stop in to any Lowe’s or Home Depot and you are sure to find all types of women. Tools, light fixtures, rakes, paint; you name it and women are buying it. One ofrepparttar 146017 biggest responsibilities for a homeowner or investor when rehabbing, renovating or upgrading is home maintenance. A 2003 Forrester Research study revealed that almost half of all purchases made at Lowe’s and Home Depot are made by women. Trends suggest women are not afraid to make a home maintenance commitment in order to have a higher return on their investments. In 2004 Sears did a study that reported sixty-nine percent of female homeowners considered themselves somewhat handy with home maintenance projects and seventy percent said they enjoyed doing home repairs. A home is a large asset and women are not afraid to maintain and increaserepparttar 146018 value of this asset. Currently, women can purchase a variety of home repair and renovations books and videos created and tailored just for them.

Climbing The Ladder and Relocation

Acrossrepparttar 146019 country in cities everywhere women are accepting executive level, professional jobs. Many women are dedicated torepparttar 146020 advancement of their careers and to do so they move in order to accept higher level positions. It is situations like this that inspire a female homebuyer to become investment savvy. Knowledge, strategy, clearly defined goals and trusted real estate professionals arerepparttar 146021 key to success. Purchasing a home in an area you know will be in demand inrepparttar 146022 future, realistically assessingrepparttar 146023 necessary repair work and careful planning will help you make money rather than lose. Remember,repparttar 146024 three main reasons a property does not sell are location, price and condition. Considerrepparttar 146025 weaknesses and strengths of a property and make an educated decision.

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