....How to Tell You Need T1 Service.....

Written by Michael Lemm

....How to Tell You Need T1 Service..... Is it time to look for T1 service?

Many people are confused when they consider whether to upgrade from DSL or not. There are several factors to consider when examining you current DSL connection andrepparttar possiblity of replacing it. For many peoplerepparttar 133348 biggest factor is reliability and if reliability is critical torepparttar 133349 applications you run over your connection you should seriously consider replacing your DSL connection with a T1. DSL is a quick and cost effective method of acquiring high speed bandwidth however it is not intended to support commercial applications or large numbers of users as are T1 connections.

Reliability becomes critical when customers or employees depend on your connection for immediate responses. If your customers use your connection to access your databases or your server orrepparttar 133350 internet then reliability of your connection is critical. If your employees depend on your connections because you hostrepparttar 133351 e-mail server in house or host web servers or ASP type products, your connections is considered critical. A critical connection can be viewed much like a lifeline, without which your business would be negatively impacted. Your monthly savings of having a sub-par connections will not make up forrepparttar 133352 loss in productivity of your employees or loss of customers when your DSL connections gets bogged down or cut off. To reiterate, ciritcal connections should be supported with a T1.

How Do You Become a WiFi Hotspot?

Written by Michael Lemm

How Do You Become a WiFi Hotspot? WiFi is a very hot commodity worldwide...for both users & those wanting to cash in onrepparttar business potential. Below you'll find some things to consider if you're one of those interested inrepparttar 133347 business potential of WiFi. If you have more to add....please do.

I'll try to keep this as simple as possible.

Here's some simple ideas you should consider for becoming a WiFi Hotspot.

* To turn your business into a hotspot, you really only need 2 things:

- Hotspot Kit (which should include hardware, software, and remote monitoring) - High Speed Internet (whatever is appropriate for your situation....DSL, T1, or DS3 connectivity)

* Before you order your hotspot kit, you need to first determine what type of service you will need:

- Single Access Point OR - Multiple Access Point

The number of connection points you need is determined byrepparttar 133348 amount of area that you wish to make available for wireless internet access. For example....larger hotels will require one access point per every 20 rooms (on average) while a coffee shop can adequately service their clientele with just a single access point.

* The last decision you will need to make is whether or not to bill your clients for wireless internet access. Today, more and more enterprises are offering wireless internet access as a value-added service in an effort to attract more visitors to their hotels/shops. In today's competitive environment, offering complimentary hot zones can berepparttar 133349 determining factor when customers weigh your offering against that of your competitors.

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