How To Stop Your Dog From Digging Holes In Your Garden

Written by Adam G. Katz

First, I need to figure out when he is digging. Since I knowrepparttar dog and his lifestyle, I can rule out several factors such as boredom or puppyhood or gophers, etc... I noticed that every time he would start digging holes he was inrepparttar 125731 yard playing with a friend's dog, unsupervised. So, I first need to MAKE SURE that it was ACTUALLY MY DOG that wasrepparttar 125732 perpetrator. A quick look at his feet would suggest that it was. Next, I needed to figure out if he would dig ANY TIME he was left alone inrepparttar 125733 yard or if it was only when another dog was present. To figure this out, I simply leftrepparttar 125734 dog inrepparttar 125735 yard alone with access torepparttar 125736 rose garden several times... and came back to find that he had not dug. So... it stands to reason thatrepparttar 125737 only time my dog is digging inrepparttar 125738 yard is when there is another dog inrepparttar 125739 yard. (Who knows why? There could be a million unexplained reasons that onlyrepparttar 125740 dog knows. All I need in order to fixrepparttar 125741 behavior is knowledge ofrepparttar 125742 dog andrepparttar 125743 circumstances). Now, I know that to fix any behavior problem I need to makerepparttar 125744 dog experience a NEGATIVE ASSOCIATION withrepparttar 125745 actual ACT of doing that behavior. In this case, digging inrepparttar 125746 garden. And he needs to experience that same negative association EVERY TIME HE DIGS! In this case, I must be 100% diligent to never leave Forbes unsupervised inrepparttar 125747 yard when there is another dog inrepparttar 125748 yard. Of course, if he was digging by himself, then I'd need to confine him to a kennel run where he cannot dig when I'm not supervising him. Or if there is another dog visiting then I will need to bring Forbes inside, put him inrepparttar 125749 kennel run, or userepparttar 125750 presence ofrepparttar 125751 other dog as a "set up." The next step is to make sure that he associates that negative (correction) just as he starts to dig. There are two ways I can do this: The Lazy Man's Way andrepparttar 125752 Old Fashioned Way. Both methods are based onrepparttar 125753 same principle.

How Long Should You Run Your Dog For?

Written by Adam G. Katz

Dear Adam:

I have a Shepherd/Malamute "Newt." She's great. I have a couple of problems with her but I won't waste your time with them as I have found them addressed at your site and in your book.

I "run" Newt inrepparttar bush, she is either in front ofrepparttar 125730 truck or behind it, running as fast as she can. I stop when she slows down and we take a 5-10 minute break. Each time we stop, I openrepparttar 125731 door torepparttar 125732 truck and let her decide if she's had enough. Lately it's been me who has had enough (she wants to run for longer and longer periods of time) and I tell her to get intorepparttar 125733 truck. My question: Should I limit how far she runs (for her own good) and can it be too cold for a long run?

Regards, Sally.

Dear Sally:

Thanks forrepparttar 125734 question.

To be honest... I don't know.

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