Written by Richard Igoe

The following article outlinesrepparttar Pros and Cons of using frames with a deeper look at how they might affect your promotion and marketing efforts.

When designing a new website, one of your first decisions is whether or not to use frames. Frames technology allows you to have more than one web page on your screen atrepparttar 134663 same time.

Typically a frames site will include a navigation menu downrepparttar 134664 side or acrossrepparttar 134665 top, withrepparttar 134666 main or contents page fillingrepparttar 134667 rest ofrepparttar 134668 screen, however you can use 3, 4, 5, or more frames if there is any advantage to your site from doing so.


1) Frames can make your site easier to navigate because you can have a constantly visible navigation menu - and as you should know, easy navigation is one ofrepparttar 134669 most important aspects of website design.

2) Frames can make your site faster because you can includerepparttar 134670 site theme (images, logo, etc..), andrepparttar 134671 navigation menu, in frames that do not have to download each time a visitor looks at a new page. Onlyrepparttar 134672 contents page changes.

3) Using frames can make it easier to design and maintain your site, especially if you have a large site. If for example you want to add a new page that is linked fromrepparttar 134673 other pages on your site, you simply add a link on your navigation menu; you do not have to add links on each and every page.

(Howeverrepparttar 134674 top web design software allows you to create templates which can give similar results. You create a template and then createrepparttar 134675 pages for your site based on this template. Then whenever you make a change onrepparttar 134676 template,repparttar 134677 web pages based on this template can be automatically updated. This is essential if you have a large site and don't use frames.)

4) Frames can make your site more interesting and can also allow you to have permanently visible advertising banners. Take a look atrepparttar 134678 Word magazine site - well worth a visit and one ofrepparttar 134679 most innovative sites we have found from a design point of view.


1) The original argument was that not all browsers support frames, but this must be a very small percentage now. You can get around this by including a area below your frameset. In this noframes area you can include includerepparttar 134680 normal area and in this you can place information such as a simple navigation menu and a "Sorry your browser does not support frames" statement, - OR you can design a complete page for browsers that do not support frames.

2) Some search engines only indexrepparttar 134681 home.htm or index.htm page without spideringrepparttar 134682 rest ofrepparttar 134683 site, so unless you have good tags your site might not rank very well, especially since many search engines also take into accountrepparttar 134684 contents of your pages and frames are treated as hyperlinks to other pages. You can however get around this by creating "doorway" pages which redirect visitors to your index.htm page.


Written by Ronni Rhodes

Okay!! You've finally gotten them to your web site after a large investment in time and effort, not to mention money. What?? They're not staying long enough to buy anything or to fill out those profile forms that you stayed up until 3:00AM to create? Why?? The site navigation is good; you have a secured order form;repparttar site loads quickly without too many annoying graphics, and you even have a return and privacy policy! What's going on here?

Those of us trying to do business onrepparttar 134662 Internet are constantly bombarded with information, statistics, and marketing advice. Go to your target market. Claim your niche with your "unique selling position." Promote your brand. Develop a web "community." Publish a Zine. Provide worthwhile content. All of it, good advice. But these marketing gurus leave out a very important and indisputable fact. People want to be entertained! And they don't want to have to work to enjoy their web experience. The success of television, a completely passive activity, attests to that. So, what should be done? How do we keep our audience long enough so that we can tell our story and promote our product?

Streaming media provides a vital answer. It has a 70 percent click-through rate for content, a 60 percent click-through rate for advertiser information, and a 49 percent "buy" rate for online merchandise. Those statistics, provided by Carton-Donofrio Interactive, are proof ofrepparttar 134663 success of streaming media when it is used in a creative and content rich environment.

What is streaming exactly? Streaming promises quick access to crucial audio and video content withoutrepparttar 134664 aggravating wait for files to download. Downloading requires that files be sent torepparttar 134665 user's PC in their entirety before they can be played; MP3 audio is a perfect example of this. The files then remain onrepparttar 134666 user's machine until they are deleted. Streaming continuously sends these same files, which have already been digitized, torepparttar 134667 user's PC whilerepparttar 134668 user is listening or watching. Whenrepparttar 134669 stream is ended, no data is left behind onrepparttar 134670 user's machine.

How can we use this exciting technology to create "stickiness?" The possibilities are endless:

1. Coaches and motivational speakers can utilize it for instruction and team building. 2. Lawyers, CPA's, and other professionals can enhance their sites with timely client messages. 3. The intricate product features of machines and "widgets" can be demonstrated. 4. Resorts can showcase their most desirable features. 5. Realtors can market multiple properties efficiently and at reasonable cost. 6. Clothing retailers can have fashion "events" and showoff new items and services. 7. Furniture and antique dealers can highlight unique product details. 8. Human Resource professionals can use it to enhance corporate sales sites for remote sales forces and clients. 9. Non-profit organizations can use it to explain their missions. 10. Charities can use it for soliciting donations.

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