Good and Evil

Written by Ed Howes

What a wonderful time to berepparttar President ofrepparttar 132371 United States! If you are President, you are king. You can spend a trillion dollars of other people's money and thousands of lives, to hunt down one personal enemy. You can do it inrepparttar 132372 name of freedom and democracy. Any who might get in your way will pat you onrepparttar 132373 back and say; "Go get em". You can do it inrepparttar 132374 name of God, which makes it good. King George looked upon all he had created and it was very good.

"Woe unto those who call good evil and evil good." Woe unto those who can no longer tellrepparttar 132375 difference. King George knowsrepparttar 132376 difference. Anything he does with a stated good intention is good, no matter whatrepparttar 132377 immediate and long term outcome. No matter what or who it costs. Are you low on self esteem? Borrow some fromrepparttar 132378 king. He has more thanrepparttar 132379 rest of us combined. He isrepparttar 132380 good tree and he produces only good fruit. Won't you take a bite? Go ahead. Eat - For these arerepparttar 132381 end of times and we will get fooled again.

A new world outpost is founded uponrepparttar 132382 idea of freedom and shared responsibility. True to historical roots, it soon goes whoring for money and power. It is successful in waysrepparttar 132383 world had never seen. It creates war for nearly every generation. It creates obscene debt and consolidatesrepparttar 132384 money and power. It makes kings and it destroys them. It teaches its children that all it does is very good. War is good, money is good, and spending for today is good. Consolidating economic power in ever fewer hands is good; that all servants will eventually have but one master.

Evil is any and all that interferes with this process. We deserve nothing butrepparttar 132385 first and very best of everything. Hell, we deserve all of every good thing. They deserve less than what they have and none of what we have. We build monuments to our great goodness. If evil befalls us in any way, it is unjust. We do nothing that deserves punishment. The evil that befalls us is created by jealous enemies who must destroyrepparttar 132386 goodness they despise and are unworthy of.

We believe such foolish drivel because we have been taught to do so and we prefer to do so. Truth has become a tool to perpetuate myths-false, fraudulent myths. With nothing but fraud and deceit to unite us, we divide. We doubt. Most importantly for kings and power mongers, we fear. If we do not go withrepparttar 132387 flow, if we do not get withrepparttar 132388 program, we will be locked in cages. "Oh no master, please don't lock me in a cage. I will do whatever you wish. I will call good evil and evil good. I will vote in rigged elections. I will pay yourepparttar 132389 first fruits of my labor, in tribute to your 'holy' power. I will support your every scheme and endeavor. I will never speak or act against you. I will ever be your faithful servant and sing your praises. I will be one with you. Please, please, don't lock me in a cage".

Can a 50+ Man Find Temporary Happiness with a Much Younger Woman?

Written by Malcolm Goodway

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The following fictional dialog takes place between Malcolm Goodway, author of A Temporary New Wife, and a committed Skeptic:

S: Malcolm, you say that itís perfectly possible for a man even Ö letís say in his fifties, sixties or seventies Ö to establish a relationship with a considerably younger woman which is satisfying and rewarding to both of them. My first question would be, why would any a woman want to undertake such an arrangement? The obvious answer is that sheís trying to get him to set her up for life ó maybe by marrying him and inheriting his assets when heís gone.

G: Thatís certainlyrepparttar 132370 conventional wisdom; but any man who enters such a relationship without seeing that coming should have his head examined. Still, itís worth looking at that situation in detail to see exactly whatís wrong with it. The first thing thatís wrong is that itís dishonest on both sides.

S: Why do you say that? Isnít it understood by both parties that thatísrepparttar 132371 real reason forrepparttar 132372 relationship?

G: No, not unless it was said up-front and became an altogether explicit understanding between them. Did she say, Look, Iím willing to establish a sexual and maybe a cohabiting relationship with you as long as you leave me whatever assets you were planning to leave to your grandchildren when you die. I hope that wonít take too long.

Does he say, at my age I need an attractive young woman like you to excite me sexually, so Iím willing to let you believe youíll berepparttar 132373 heiress to all my assets. But Iím not planning to die any time soon, and Iím still going to leave most of my money to my family members even though you think itíll all go to you. Meanwhile, Iím planning to have as much fun in bed with you as I can untilrepparttar 132374 arrangement goes sour. But while itís going on, you better stay away from men your own age or itíll go sour pretty fast!

Said in this way, itís pretty obvious that an explicit arrangement like this must be very rare. People do not say that to each other up front. Instead, they each proceed alongrepparttar 132375 path of their own agenda even though these might be incompatible at their base. The source ofrepparttar 132376 dishonesty is thus implicit hidden agendas. In other words, there is no clear agreement at all betweenrepparttar 132377 participants.

S: So, how would you avoid this kind of dishonesty between two such people?

G: First of all, I would remove any question of assets and bequests fromrepparttar 132378 equation, and I would also not even consider setting a woman up into a paid parasitic existence. So what we are left with is an older man and a younger woman facing each other. What do you think he can offer her?

S: Certainly not physical attractiveness, unless she has a father complex.

G: Thatís not as rare as you might think. But as a first approximation, letís say youíre right. What has he to offer?

S: What indeed? Are you going anywhere with this, or just pulling my chain?

G: How about knowledge and experience?

S: Yes, I suppose so. But while it might make for good conversation atrepparttar 132379 dinner table, why would a woman have such a critical need for that?

G: Not any woman, such a specific type; or rather a woman with a very specific need.

S: Still canít imagine what that could be. Do you really have some kind of answer, or are you just playing mind games?

G: Think of a woman who, when very young, interrupted her education to get married, then quickly had children, and not too much later was abandoned by her husband because he couldnít takerepparttar 132380 responsibility for his family. There must be millions of relatively young women in that kind of situation.

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