FocusStor develops a data backup solution for healthcare providers

Written by M.Bulot

Montreal, Canada, May 18, 2005 FocusStor, Online Data Backup & Recovery (,repparttar leading Canadian provider of disk-based backup and recovery solutions for small businesses since 1985, today released their newest offsite storage software aimed atrepparttar 138533 healthcare and medical industries. In today's insecure world, cables become unplugged, electronics fail daily, disks stop turning, viruses and hackers burden businesses constantly, and regardless of specific backup procedures, electronic records will continue to be discarded and overwritten. Each year businesses loose billions of dollars due to data loss. The factors used to determinerepparttar 138534 viability and business continuity for an organization that has suffered from a significant system or data loss does not rely strictly onrepparttar 138535 ability to replace hardware or rebuild infrastructure. In most cases continued success relies heavily onrepparttar 138536 ability to quickly and successfully recover business critical data. Considering it's one ofrepparttar 138537 key deciding factors in whether your company will remain in business, shouldn't a company be prepared to makerepparttar 138538 needed data protection decisions up front? Indeed, they should, and that is why FocusStor offers a highly secure data back up technology. . FocusStor is designed for companies with remote offices, as well as small and mid-sized businesses, that have primarily relied on in-house tape or disk backups to protect their data. FocusStor guarantees recovery of all business-critical data and enables companies to return operations torepparttar 138539 state they were in immediately prior to a data-loss event.

More specifically, inrepparttar 138540 healthcare industry, data storage challenges are obvious and business continuity and redundancy plans become a necessity.

Below are some studies onrepparttar 138541 matter:

Incentives for Proper Home Theater Lighting

Written by Jon Martin

One ofrepparttar most crucial elements to consider in building a home theater system is also one ofrepparttar 138326 most over-looked. The lighting used inrepparttar 138327 room has an incredible effect onrepparttar 138328 movie viewing experience. It can makerepparttar 138329 difference between a pleasurable experience and a mediocre one.

Better Viewing Environment Believe it or not, complete darkness is notrepparttar 138330 best way to watch movies. This is in complete contrast to what most people actually do. You can even see this in practice at many movie theaters;repparttar 138331 lights alongrepparttar 138332 sides ofrepparttar 138333 theater are kept very dim duringrepparttar 138334 film but they are still on. The dim lighting helps to preventrepparttar 138335 eye fatigue that results from staring at a bright light source in complete darkness. If you have ever had a headache after watching a long movie, it may have been caused by eye fatigue.

Atmosphere Lighting creates a certain atmosphere inside a room. This is true whether or notrepparttar 138336 atmosphere created is one that you had intended. When wasrepparttar 138337 last time you walked into a theater that used overhead fluorescent lights? What kind of feelings would that evoke? Would you really feel like you were there to watch a movie or would it feel more like you were about to sit in on a seminar? Positioning, color, and intensity all play a role inrepparttar 138338 ambiance home theater lighting produces. Decide on exactlyrepparttar 138339 feelings you would like to produce with your home theater lighting. What emotions would you like to evoke as people walk into your home theater? Warm? Relaxed? While different colors elicit different emotions from different people, there are some colors that seem to be associated with certain feelings. Choose shades ofrepparttar 138340 color that is associated withrepparttar 138341 feelings you want to elicit from your home theater audience. The position and intensity of your home theater lighting will be determined byrepparttar 138342 placement ofrepparttar 138343 viewing screen. Direct lighting should be avoided duringrepparttar 138344 movie. Using fixtures that reflect light off of walls will help to avoid glare while reducingrepparttar 138345 harshness ofrepparttar 138346 light. Dimmer switches are also a necessity if your home theater room is not equipped with central lighting control. They will provide you withrepparttar 138347 ability to customizerepparttar 138348 intensity of your home theater lighting to your own tastes.

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