Fair Tax for Free People

Written by Ed Howes

The absolute fairest tax on allrepparttar free people inrepparttar 113505 world is zero tax. Who doesrepparttar 113506 emperor tax, his own, orrepparttar 113507 stranger? If you are paying no taxes, you are free, for what that may be worth. When you pay tax, you are not free; you are someone's part time servant. You are incorporated in a system of exploitation and dominance through threat of force and force itself. You may be willing to kill or die in an effort to become free and be called patriot. You are likely deceiving yourself to say you are fighting and dying to remain free or to keep others free or to free others, for freedom is taxed byrepparttar 113508 freedom providers. The free man is commanded to serve those in corporate bondage. But he still may be called patriot by many.

In Islamic, Hebrew and Christian Scriptures, we are assured we owe a tax. In many cases it is a nominal 10% of increase. That is, if we invest a hundred dollars of savings in a venture for profit and we earn a thousand dollars total from that investment, we owe $90. However, Scripture encourages us to be more generous in our giving. The most important aspect of this system of public finance is that it limits public finance. The second most important thing is thatrepparttar 113509 taxpayer determines exactly what his tax will be used for, or at least who it will be used for. What a novel idea! The control of giving isrepparttar 113510 control of public service. Who has ever heard of such a thing? Many tithers of all faiths declare that benefits accrue torepparttar 113511 tither; benefits which can seldom be measured in dollars. Simple things like love, health and happiness.

Many tithers tithe to local need, city, state and national expense, even though they exercise little control over most of it, which isrepparttar 113512 crux ofrepparttar 113513 problem. Those who pay, relinquish all control ofrepparttar 113514 use ofrepparttar 113515 gift. Those who claim to be professional servants do all this hard work forrepparttar 113516 givers. The givers are now obliged to watchrepparttar 113517 people they are paying to watch out for us all. Ifrepparttar 113518 giver takes this responsibility seriously, she is double taxed in money and time. Way too much to pay forrepparttar 113519 service offered! Simply a bad bargain.

Many will ask how government will be financed if free people pay no tax. The answer is corporate tax. Consider that both government and corporations are artificial creations to accumulate capital and political power, which derives fromrepparttar 113520 people who support them. Corporations financerepparttar 113521 political candidates of their choosing. Governments insure corporate growth and reward supportive corporations through regulatory process. Everyone wins except those who are not artificial creations-the people to whom corporations and governments pander for validation and economic support.

Since corporate government has allrepparttar 113522 economic and political power, it is reasonable they should bear allrepparttar 113523 associated costs. A straight ten percent tax onrepparttar 113524 gross profits of every corporation that does business withinrepparttar 113525 United States is a reasonable expense forrepparttar 113526 maintenance and growth ofrepparttar 113527 existing power structure. It handicaps neither foreign nor domestic corporations. The corporation that cannot afford ten percent in support of its competitive advantage over individuals and unincorporated partnerships deserves to fail. It is wasting a golden profit opportunity.

Murder As Government Policy

Written by Ed Howes

Dear Governor Blagojevich,

May we daily increase in wisdom, love, gratitude, reverence, healing, peace, joy, happiness, laughter and prosperity.

I am writing to commend you onrepparttar compassion you have shownrepparttar 113504 children of Illinois and to ask if a former prosecutor could possibly find similar compassion for an equally defenseless prison population.

The abuse and neglect of prisoners beyond public view would seem to be a matter unrelated to political ambitions. This isrepparttar 113505 case insofar thatrepparttar 113506 public remains ignorant ofrepparttar 113507 crimes committed against prisoners byrepparttar 113508 State inrepparttar 113509 name of justice, punishment and public safety.

Becauserepparttar 113510 majority of any state's prisoners release to society in poor physical and mental health, quietly enraged byrepparttar 113511 mistreatment they have experienced; and because those who have served longer sentences have become socially dysfunctional, they are much more a danger torepparttar 113512 public. They will more likely re offend and do so in a violent manner. Prisoner mistreatment is simply bad and costly policy. Many a governor has little idea concerningrepparttar 113513 extent of this problem.

Illinois prisoner Jimmy Kinslow, B-67033, is an example more likely typical than isolated. He is a very close friend of mine, I have been writing since 1988. I have been witnessing his execution forrepparttar 113514 past two years. He is being murdered by deliberate medical abuse and neglect. Upon his death, I may press charges of negligent homicide. I will certainly write and publish his story, because I am so certain this crime is widespread throughout America.

In his attempt to get badly needed medical treatment, he has filed suit for judicial remedy. That suit documentsrepparttar 113515 first round of medical abuses. As a punishment for filing this suit, he has been further abused and neglected. He is now filing a second lawsuit in his effort to save his life and is trying to obtain outside assistance.

Underrepparttar 113516 care ofrepparttar 113517 State of Illinois, his liver has nearly been destroyed by Hepatitis C Virus. His immune system is dysfunctional. His maltreatment has created an intestinal bacterial infection so severe, he has had constant diarrhea since September, 2003. He is dehydrated and starving. Two rounds of treatment with antibiotics failed to help. Food quality and quantity has been reduced as a cost saving measure byrepparttar 113518 State and he is now vomiting regularly also. He needs a specific medical diet, if he is to haverepparttar 113519 slightest chance of recovery. Every request for such has been denied.

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