Collection of Jewelry from I800's through mid 1900's

Written by Laura Thykeson - Owner of "Ice Originals II - Vintage Collectibles, Music and Jewelry"

A special collection of jewelry, some of European descent, from a New York Estate, has recently been offered torepparttar public for sale. Quite a few extroadinary pieces, especially for collectors and researchers ofrepparttar 136019 time frame are available. Body Copy: Recently "Ice Originals II", a collectibles and antique website, hadrepparttar 136020 pleasure of acquiring a portion of a large New York Estate that includes jewelry items fromrepparttar 136021 1800's throughrepparttar 136022 mid 1900's. Quite a few ofrepparttar 136023 earlier pieces are of definite European manufacture, as they featurerepparttar 136024 European style clasps and hinges and definite European designs. There are some very interesting pieces, that appear as if they could have historic and research value, as well asrepparttar 136025 normal interest related to collectors.

Several ofrepparttar 136026 pieces feature hand chasing and enamel, inlaid intorepparttar 136027 gold. Several are watch pins, as well as sash pins, brooches, and some very nice cut steel and gold earrings. The art deco and art nouveau movements are clearly represented as well as some transition pieces. These jewelry items, each very well designed and crafted, are true representations ofrepparttar 136028 jewelry of these early decades. The collection can be viewed at "Ice Originals II" which is located at:

Anyone who is a serious collector, as well as anyone researching this period of jewelry in encouraged to visit this website and view these beautiful pieces. Along with allrepparttar 136029 items described, there is also

Increase Your Influence, Increase Your Sales

Written by Eln Albert

Selling is everyone’s lifeblood whether they realize it or not. We all sell inrepparttar sense that we attempt to convince others to go our way. That isrepparttar 136018 way that we want something to go whether we are convincing our children, our coworkers, bosses, spouses, clients or customers.

There is a style of convincing others, influencing or “selling” for everyone. Understand we are usingrepparttar 136019 term “selling” here very loosely. I bet many of you are saying, “I don’t sell people. I hate that!” Although this may sound like it’s about sales, it really isn’t. You’ll understand shortly but indulge me for a minute. There are several types of popular styles of selling: relationship selling, non-manipulative selling, pressure selling, what’s-important-about-that-to-you selling. Whatever approach and philosophy that works for you is fine. Actually, we’re not trying to change your personal style of selling. But if we can give you additional insight to influencing others regardless of who they are, would that be helpful? “Yes.”

Let me ask you, when you really connect with someone, isn’t that a wonderful experience? When this happens, you connect with them and feel closer in a shorter period of time then with someone else you may have known for years. What happens here? You click, connect, have great rapport, and there may even be chemistry between you. You know you are being heard and listened too. Wow, isn’t that wonderful when it happens! Wouldn’t it be great if we could increase our opportunities to connect with each other in general? It can be done.

There is a universal unspoken language based on observable behavior. What that means is, we can seerepparttar 136020 behavior just by watching others. We look for tone of voice, pace, body language and words used. These arerepparttar 136021 clues that help us to identify how to communicate better with that person.

Research has shown that behavioral characteristics can be grouped together into four quadrants or styles. People with similar styles tend to exhibit specific types of behavior common to that style. A person’s behavior is a reflection of who they are naturally. According to William A. Marston, “All people exhibit all four behavioral factors in varying degrees of intensity.”

This model categorizes how we act. Nothing more. It is simply used as a tool for more effective communications between people. Sound good? You bet.

In allrepparttar 136022 cultures studied,repparttar 136023 model has been found to be valid. All cultures have people who are outgoing, expressive and animated. All cultures have people who are more cool, aloof, introverted and analytical. Ask yourself, is this person people-oriented or task-oriented? Are they an introvert or an extrovert? Because you can learn to seerepparttar 136024 answers, it is observable. It is a universal language because it has no cultural boundaries. Are you intrigued? You’re probably saying, that’s all great but how does this apply to me getting my way? Oh, we are so self-centered at times. When you are getting your way, I trust it is forrepparttar 136025 benefit of all who are affected byrepparttar 136026 decision. Because what we are talking about is not for self-centeredness, manipulation or control.

Any time we have greater understanding of ourselves, it provides us opportunities to makerepparttar 136027 best of an interpersonal communication process. That insight provides a solid foundation from which to move forward. If we know we have a particular habit that may interfere withrepparttar 136028 communication process; we can work on improving how we communicate. For example, if we know we are notrepparttar 136029 best listeners inrepparttar 136030 world, we can work to improve our listening skills. If we tend to come on too strong for some people, we may choose to tame it down in those situations. When you know yourself, you haverepparttar 136031 choice to modify your own behavior sorepparttar 136032 other person can be ready to hear what you are saying. Let me repeat that, this is a very important point, “When you know yourself, you haverepparttar 136033 choice to modify your own behavior sorepparttar 136034 other person can be ready to hear what you are saying.”

Again this is not about manipulation or controlling others; it is taking control of ourselves! It is about you having a true desire to berepparttar 136035 best communicator you can possibly be. The goal is to communicate on a level sorepparttar 136036 family member, coworker or customer can relate to what you say. When we communicate in a manner that is appealing and open,repparttar 136037 person is more likely to feel connected to us and understand and be open to what is being said by you. The results are better communications for everyone’s benefit. Not only will it improve sales;repparttar 136038 benefits will spill over into all areas of communications in our personal and professional lives. Many of us need improved relationships with our family, friends, and customers, do you? Just simply having greater understanding ofrepparttar 136039 communication styles is a big step. We know we really can’t change others, only ourselves.

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