Written by John Rocco

Whenever i write an article, it's usually tailored torepparttar do it yourself homeowner to help them save some money onrepparttar 100035 high cost of labor these days. This article is forrepparttar 100036 "not so handy" homeowner who wants to have new vinyl windows installed in their home. So, where do you begin? Well,repparttar 100037 first step is to get estimates. You should always get 3 estimates. Keep in mind thatrepparttar 100038 price you are quoted doesn't necessarily reflectrepparttar 100039 quality ofrepparttar 100040 product. For example, I used to wearrepparttar 100041 hat of Owner, Salesman, and Installer. So, when I would give an estimate, my only markup would be to pay my salary. Onrepparttar 100042 other extreme, some companies have an inside sales staff who do telemarketing as well as mail solicitation. These people set up in-home estimates. Then, there is an outside sales staff who visitrepparttar 100043 customer for an in-home estimate. Ifrepparttar 100044 customer signs a contract, there is another employee who measures your windows. Then,repparttar 100045 installation crew comes out and actually installs your windows. In many cases, you never even see or talk torepparttar 100046 owner. Now, imagine if this company, let's call them shears, was sellingrepparttar 100047 exact same window that I was selling. After you got both estimates, you might be inclined to think that my product must be inferior if I'm able to sell it so much cheaper. The reality is, it's cheaper because I pay two salaries; my salary and my other installer's salary. The other owner has to pay his own salary plus Inside sales, outside sales, field measurer, and installation crew. So, as you get each estimate, here arerepparttar 100048 important things to know about that particular brand: What kind of warranty do they offer? Any reputable vinyl window manufacturer should offer a lifetime warranty because any quality vinyl window and door really is made to last a lifetime. Ask how longrepparttar 100049 MANUFACTURER has been making vinyl windows. A lifetime warranty is meaningless ifrepparttar 100050 manufacturer goes out of business. Once you're confident thatrepparttar 100051 manufacturer is well established, find out how longrepparttar 100052 installer has been replacing windows. Make sure they are licensed and insured. Being licensed and insured doesn't necessarily mean they're good, but it does give them accountability. I knew an unlicensed window installer who was as good as any licensed installer, but if he were to mess up a job,repparttar 100053 customer had no recourse against him. Once you are satisfied withrepparttar 100054 price, manufacturer, and installer, you can determinerepparttar 100055 level of quality ofrepparttar 100056 actual product. You can get all hung up on specs such as U-Value, R-Value, Air infiltration, etc. But, I believe you can actually get more confused if you start trying to compare all of those numbers. Just ask ifrepparttar 100057 product is an energy star rated window. Ifrepparttar 100058 answer is yes, then you knowrepparttar 100059 specs meetrepparttar 100060 highest government standards. You can confirm this by going torepparttar 100061 Energy

The art of home decoration

Written by Marjan Zemljic

If you would have your rooms interesting as well as beautiful, make them say something, give them a spinal column by keeping all ornamentation subservient to line.

Before you buy anything, try to imagine how you want each room to look when completed; getrepparttar picture well in your mind, as a painter would; think outrepparttar 100034 main features, forrepparttar 100035 details all depend upon these and will quickly suggest themselves. This is, inrepparttar 100036 long run,repparttar 100037 quickest andrepparttar 100038 most economical method of furnishing.

There is a theory that no room can be created all at once, that it must grow gradually. In a sense this is a fact, so far as it refers torepparttar 100039 amateur. The professional is always occupied with creating and recreating rooms and can instantly summon to mind complete schemes of decoration. The amateur can also learn to mentally furnish rooms. It is a fascinating pastime when one getsrepparttar 100040 knack of it.

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