Benefits of Using DialResults Remote Agents

Written by Richard Logan

Benefits of Using DialResults Remote Agents 1. Lower operating costs. Agents working on a DialResults IP enabled predictive dialer solution from home means a A much smaller contact center facility is required — for major cost savings to a contact center’s business solution.

Lower telecommunications Cost 2. Routing calls overrepparttar DialResults IP network will dramatically reduce a contact centers costs for both inbound and outbound

Seamless service. An agent’s physical location must be transparent to everyone: agents, callers, and called 3rd parties. DialResults also allowsrepparttar 133489 contact center to maintain high-quality service, when one

DialResults Lowers Costs on Multi Site Call Centers through use of IP Technology

Written by Richard Logan

DialResults Lowers Costs on Multi Site Call Centers through use of IP Technology By Richard Logan

DialResults’ new Internet Protocol (IP) predictive dialer technology allows contact centers to implement multi-site contact center environments very cost effectively. In fact it may be time for many traditional call centers to replace their legacy ACD environments IP based multi site contact centers have many compelling advantages. For example, they can provide intelligent skill based routing acrossrepparttar centers entire network to moverepparttar 133488 customer instantly torepparttar 133489 best pool of agents with skill sets to handlerepparttar 133490 customer’s needs immediately. This reduces costs ofrepparttar 133491 call center by maximizingrepparttar 133492 use of CSR’s time with a reduced labor pool. It also enables consolidated reporting and management as ifrepparttar 133493 distributed call center was in one location. Finally IP technology allows call centers to minimize costs by eliminating costly technological boundaries of a traditional CTI applications and reducing phone charges.

DialResults’ technology is a total IP based PBX / predictive dialer-based system for today’s and tomorrow’s new multi site contact center environment. DialResults’ distributed call center architecture offers many advantages overrepparttar 133494 traditional PBX/ACD’s and older predictive dialer technology because DialResults’ centralized IP-based predictive dialer system is extremely scalable, easy to use and has more functionality at a lower cost. This gives owners a higher ROI, thanrepparttar 133495 traditional call center equipment.

VoIP multi-media contact centers Not to many years ago traditional telephone voice calls wererepparttar 133496 norm for call centers for both inbound and outbound calls. It wasrepparttar 133497 only way to contact, or to be contacted byrepparttar 133498 consumer. In today’s marketplace consumers and business are using many different technologies to conduct business, including email, web collaboration, voice calls, fax, etc. Contact centers which are not equipped to handle these new types of customer service will go byrepparttar 133499 wayside. Years ago DialResults realized that as a technology company it would have to develop technology to handlerepparttar 133500 different types of media cost effectively. Thus DialResults, with its roots in telemarketing, set out to develop new technology to handlerepparttar 133501 variety of multi media communications that contact centers would need inrepparttar 133502 future. Today, DialResults has a VoIP multi media contact center solution which prioritizes customer needs today and inrepparttar 133503 future. DialResults’ IP technology defines customer contact centers no matter what type of media is used, e-mail, fax, blending, and web applications, chat, remote agents and sites andrepparttar 133504 traditional phone call.

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