A simple 7-step checklist to test your ads

Written by Andre Clacy www.explosivecopycourse.com

Imagine if you had in your hand a simple, bullet-proof, 7-step checklist to test your ads and sales letters.

Well, here’s a simple 7-step checklist that Joe uses every time he writes copy. Every marketing piece of his that passesrepparttar test has gone on to generate sales.

In one of his lesser known books, "Making Ads Pay," legendary ad man John Caples reveals a 7 step formula for successful advertising. He wrote:

"This check list is based onrepparttar 108032 results of hundreds of advertising tests. It is based on millions of dollars spent in experiments designed to find out what kind of advertising sells and what kind doesn't sell. The next time your prepare an ad or a commercial, put this check list alongside of it."

Use Caples’ checklist to give your adrepparttar 108033 final test. You can even userepparttar 108034 following list to check any ad, whether it is for radio, television, print, or even forrepparttar 108035 Internet.

1. Does your ad attractrepparttar 108036 RIGHT AUDIENCE?

Does your ad STOPrepparttar 108037 right people---the ones most likely to be interested in your product or service? Does your headline, photo or opening grabrepparttar 108038 attention of your most likely prospects?

2. Does your ad HOLDrepparttar 108039 audience?

Does your ad maintainrepparttar 108040 attention it achieved? You may have stopped them, but does your ad make them STAY? Does your ad or commercial speak to his or her interests, needs, hopes or dreams?

3. Does your copy CREATE DESIRE?

Do you promise benefits torepparttar 108041 reader? Do you reveal whatrepparttar 108042 customer WILL GET? Do you tell them what's in it for them? Do you clearly explainrepparttar 108043 advantages of your product or service? Does your ad make them feel and want your service?

4. Do you prove it is a BARGAIN?

How To Test Your Headlines Without Spending A Fortune In Advertising Fees

Written by Thomas A. Hilton, Jr.

So, you've spent all this time on creating your product and you've read allrepparttar advice from every marketing expert onrepparttar 108031 internet. You've discovered one common ground among them all. And they all do agree on this one thing.

Testingrepparttar 108032 headlines is critical.

They all say that it'srepparttar 108033 absolute one critical element to any successful marketing campaign. Whether it'srepparttar 108034 headline on your website, your subject line in your email orrepparttar 108035 first words you speak overrepparttar 108036 phone in a sales call. It'srepparttar 108037 most important feature and you should spend 80% of your time coming up with justrepparttar 108038 right one.

It'srepparttar 108039 difference between success or failure in any campaign.

If you're lucky to find an expert that is willing to share with yourepparttar 108040 exact details as to how he tests his headlines. You discover that it'srepparttar 108041 basic A/B split run test in newspapers.

Sounds simple. But did you know that most newspapers will not even consider going throughrepparttar 108042 trouble of running A/B splits unless you are a major account paying for those high dollar advertising spots.

What'srepparttar 108043 answer forrepparttar 108044 average marketer that can't build up a huge marketing budget if he can't increase his sales inrepparttar 108045 first place.

Well, one answer that I've found is to copyrepparttar 108046 big boys inrepparttar 108047 corporate world. Use a focus group technique. Where you ask a number of people to look over a select group of your headlines and let them tell you which ones they prefer.

Let me tell you a story of one famous CEO.

His name is Fred Smith of Federal Express and when he hired a marketing executive to come in and help him with some of his branding issues... here's what happened.

He suggested that Fred Smith post sketches of 10 or more different color schemes for his airplanes onrepparttar 108048 wall of an office. He then asked numerous people to come in and look at all of them. He quietly sat back and watched which sketch actually attractedrepparttar 108049 most attention... one particular drawing kept bringing people back to it over and over again...

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