A Medical Cure found by Remote Viewing & My last "I bet you can't Remote View it" bet!

Written by By John L. Turner, M.D. Neurological Surgeon

My Last "I Bet You Can't Remote View it" Bet!

In December I was atrepparttar mid point of my TRV training with Joni Dourif. Prior to training, I had studiedrepparttar 122323 history of RV in depth and had followed PSI TECH's recommendations by reading Sheldrake's The Presence ofrepparttar 122324 Past. I was pleased to be able to experience remote viewing duringrepparttar 122325 training, just like it was advertised. However,repparttar 122326 day my wife lost her small medication bottle, and Joni said she could easily "remote view"repparttar 122327 location, I laughed and doubted her. In fact, I bet her that she could not do it!

Finally, after enough laughter from me, Joni asked for pen and paper. I gladly gave it to her as we had a bet on. I watched her begin with two random four-digit numbers attached to "the target location of missing medication bottle."

Joni quickly finishedrepparttar 122328 initial stages and produced a sketch of a rectangular device, a transparent window of some sort and what appeared to be a piece of spongy material. Then I watched in awe as she analyzedrepparttar 122329 drawing, went torepparttar 122330 kitchen sink, fixated onrepparttar 122331 dish washing sponge. About a foot away fromrepparttar 122332 wet sponge wasrepparttar 122333 toaster oven with a glass lift-up door.

"I wonder.." said Joni as she peeked behindrepparttar 122334 toaster. There wasrepparttar 122335 missing medication bottle!

Not only did I loserepparttar 122336 bet, but also I had to endure Joni's laughter directed at me. I did not doubt Joni's TRV competence after that.

Dr. John L. Takeuchi Turner Neurological Surgeon

Here is an example of how I used Technical remote viewing to enhance my medical practice

"Mr. W.D./cause of current pain problem"

By John L. Turner, M.D.

After Dr. Turner's Technical Remote Viewing training, he performedrepparttar 122337 following diagnosis on a patient using TRV as a significant aid:

(To view articles with photos go here: http://www.psitech.net/news sl_042602.htm )

Background Information: Mr. W.D. is a 58 year old male who was first seen on April 10, for complaints of left leg pain, left foot numbness and weakness. He failed to respond to conservative treatment. CT on 4/11 scan revealed a soft tissue mass inrepparttar 122338 left lateral recess atrepparttar 122339 L4 level ofrepparttar 122340 lumbar spine. MRI on 4/12 clearly showed an extruded disc fragment atrepparttar 122341 L4-5 disc level with cephalad migration torepparttar 122342 left. The L5-S1 disc had a mild bulge.

4/18: Left L4-5 hemilaminotomy with microdiskectomy and excision of free fragments. A disc bulge was palpated at L4-5 of mild to moderate degree. Sincerepparttar 122343 MRI had clearly shown a superiorly migrated fragment, laminotomy was performed superiorly and several disc fragments were teased fromrepparttar 122344 ventral surface ofrepparttar 122345 dura. There were no fragments extending alongrepparttar 122346 L5 root. The disc space was entered and only small pieces of disc material could be removed.

Post-operative course: Mr. W.D. improved and returned to his home state with mild persistent weakness of dorsiflexion of his left foot and residual numbness. He was reinjured when falling from a Captain's boat chair followed by a twisting injury when working inrepparttar 122347 engine compartment of his boat. Repeat MRI scanning with and without contrast agent showed scarring and extruded fragment at L4-5 and an increase inrepparttar 122348 bulge at L5-S1. His left leg pain had returned. 12/9: Left L4-5 hemilaminotomy, medial facetectomy, L5 neurolysis with removal of disk fragments. Left L5-S1 hemilaminotomy and microdiskectomy.

Appreciation Attracts Prosperity

Written by Stephanie Yeh

Did you know that appreciation is one ofrepparttar most powerful forces inrepparttar 122322 Universe for manifesting and attracting prosperity? According to teachers like L. Ron Hubbard (father of Dianetics), Abraham-Hicks and Drunvalo Melchizedek, appreciating yourself and your life can literally boost you torepparttar 122323 highest vibrations.

If youíre a student of prosperity or manifestation, you probably know thatrepparttar 122324 higher your vibration,repparttar 122325 easier it is to attract positive things into your life. Because most of us are so busy and stressed byrepparttar 122326 pace of life, we find it difficult to get to and stay in a high vibration. Yet, this is whererepparttar 122327 attraction of prosperity most easily occurs. According to Abraham-Hicks, 17 seconds of pure positive energy (translation: appreciation), is actually worth 2,000 hours of physical work! That means, if you want prosperity in your life and you donít want to work so hard, then start appreciating as many things as you can.

How do you appreciate? Itís simple. Pick any topic in your life. Start by findingrepparttar 122328 best thought or feeling you can about it. Then, findrepparttar 122329 next better thought or feeling about that. Then,repparttar 122330 next better one. Keep reaching forrepparttar 122331 next better thought or feeling, and pretty soon you will be in appreciation!

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