Written by Craig Lock

In this short piece, as we "pioneer inrepparttar field of cyberspace", I'm sharing a few thoughts onrepparttar 109032 place of technology in these early days ofrepparttar 109033 "Knowledge economy", which may be of interest.

"I couldn't wait for success, so I went ahead without it." - Jonathan Winters


by Craig Lock

"The next information revolution is well under way...It is not a revolution in technology, machinery, techniques, software, or speed. It is a revolution in CONCEPTS." (Drucker, 1998) "

"Money is what fueledrepparttar 109034 industrial society. But inrepparttar 109035 informational society,repparttar 109036 fuel,repparttar 109037 power, is knowledge. One has now come to see a new class structure divided by those who have information and those who must function out of ignorance. This new class has its power not from money, not from land, but from knowledge."

- John Kenneth Galbraith

Bill Gates once describedrepparttar 109038 "Information Age asrepparttar 109039 "Wild West of Cyberspace." A few years ago, he also said there would be two kinds of businesses inrepparttar 109040 year 2001: 1.those online and 2. those out of business!

What is knowledge?

"He who receives an idea from me receives instruction himself, without lessening mine; as he who lights his taper at mine receives light without darkening me." - Thomas Jefferson

We are becoming ever-more a "knowledge society" - with repparttar 109041 rapid diffusion (big word!) and exchanging of huge amounts of information daily. This makesrepparttar 109042 sheer volume of knowledge difficult to absorb.

We are seeing "little" New Zealand's rapid transition from a pastoral to a knowledge economy, as we are fast "catching and ridingrepparttar 109043 knowledge wave". I believe it's more "an age of wisdom" in sharing information world-wide throughrepparttar 109044 amazing power ofrepparttar 109045 internet.

Here in far-off New Zealand (nearrepparttar 109046 bottom ofrepparttar 109047 world), I believe we have an excellent foundation to be extremely successful inrepparttar 109048 global economy. However, we must move speedily ahead to be a far more "knowledge-driven" economy; otherwise we could become "also rans" inrepparttar 109049 ultra-competitive global market place.

I truly believe that many New Zealanders have not yet recognised thatrepparttar 109050 Internet isrepparttar 109051 modern equivalent ofrepparttar 109052 'freezer ships of yonder', that revolutionised our economy last century. As we enterrepparttar 109053 twenty-first century, repparttar 109054 Internet will be our 'key vessel' for reaching global markets from these far-off "sleepy shores". I think that we should be finding new paths for social and economic development. Knowledge is replacingrepparttar 109055 old sources of wealth and power, asrepparttar 109056 driving source inrepparttar 109057 world's most successful societies. We must become a "knowledge export" platform...and that isrepparttar 109058 vision for my little business, Eagle Productions based in provincial NZ.

In effect, we are creating wealth throughrepparttar 109059 comercialisation of ideas. We are utilizing torepparttar 109060 fullest,repparttar 109061 amazing creative potential ofrepparttar 109062 human IMAGINATION to reachrepparttar 109063 world.

"Are You Revolting To-Day...Or Are You Just Being Mugged?"

Written by Roger J. Burke

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A funny thing happened to me on my way through a website today...I got mugged! And, it wasn'trepparttar 109032 first time either...in fact, it's been happening more often than I care to admit.

What do I mean? Well...just bear with me, for a few moments, while I recount a similar event, but in an entirely different environment.

Onrepparttar 109033 main street of our town, a new hardware store opened a few weeks back. Beingrepparttar 109034 type of guy who regularly watches Timrepparttar 109035 Tool Man, I just hadda go, right?

When I get there, it looks all very nice, new paint, bright lights, lotsa great adverts onna windows, all very enticing. So...I go in, bbbzzzzzzzz, fall throughrepparttar 109036 darn buzzer (usta be 'tinkle, tinkle' onrepparttar 109037 door...much nicer in those days), and meet this guy standing there, pad in one hand, pen inna other...

He smiles thinly - and I wonder why I think of a wolf - as he says,"G'morning, sir, and what is your name, address, post code, city, country, phone number, occupation, number of children, marital status, type of car you drive, how old is it, blah, blah, blah..."

By this time, my head's spinning, and I'm sure I'm having a daymare - as my daughter likes to say - as I hear him, dully now, droning on and on, and I finally manage to turn and stumble outta there, eyes glazed, gasping for air...

Rest easy...that didn't really happen to me, of course, at that new store. In fact,repparttar 109038 exact opposite...I was totally ignored! ;-((

However, all too often now, whenever I arrive at some websites these days, there seems to be a thought that we all must give up a mountain of personal information before we are allowedrepparttar 109039 privilege of buying their products! Name and email for an ezine subscription, fine; ask for any more and that's just plain arrogant.

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