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Hip Hop Music Videos Meet The Film Festival Circuit

Written by Margaret Sang

In Radio, What is Commercially heard is not what is Culturally happening. You can guaranteerepparttar same logic applies to music videos. The music video industry is controlled byrepparttar 102800 major distributors of music. The marketing systems that are in place force commercial products ahead ofrepparttar 102801 underground artists’ work right intorepparttar 102802 hands ofrepparttar 102803 consumer. How do you compete with that?

Jesse Russell Brooks isrepparttar 102804 director of an underground music video commissioned by Change Everything Music in Los Angeles, CA. Once he was on board in July 2004,repparttar 102805 small label stuck Brooks with that exact same problem to solve.

Underground Hip Hop artists have very little money compared torepparttar 102806 commercial giants. The standard approach for many underground Hip Hop artists is to immediately distribute a music video onrepparttar 102807 internet through venues such as Ifilm.com or often to various public access shows in America. Independent agents such as The CVC Report or Royal 'D' Visual Marketing can distribute for your group or label and also help you try to place a music video on network TV for about $10,000. A small price to pay forrepparttar 102808 possibility of commercial notoriety.

This article is about a film-maker who exploited an arena that would developrepparttar 102809 value of a Hip Hop music video overrepparttar 102810 underground competition, without competing withrepparttar 102811 commercial giants. “The power ofrepparttar 102812 music video has been diminished for underground artists byrepparttar 102813 commercial industry. The consumer has become too savvy to rally around a public access music show in conjunction with one or two local radio interviews and or a club performance. In my mind, there was a piece ofrepparttar 102814 puzzle missing. A modern day promotional tool that would augmentrepparttar 102815 value of underground Hip Hop marketing.” Jesse explained.

“The International Film Festival Circuit is an untapped marketing device for underground Hip Hop artists. Absolutely Untapped.”

In America alone there is roughly 1500 Film Festivals that promote and screen work to over 10 million audience members a year. These audiences members include music labels, film directors, video game designers and famous artists all looking for what is new in film and music. Right now, 25% of these festivals carry a music video category. The last 75% is looking for a way to develop a music video category and will make adjustments to accommodaterepparttar 102816 music video art form, Especially if it is Hip Hop.

The Spaghetti Junction Urban Film Festival isrepparttar 102817 largest predominantly black film festival in Atlanta, Georgia. I emailed them to find out what their position was concerning music videos. A representative replied, “We do not have a category for music videos anymore. We did in previous years but did not receive any entries last year. Film-makers these days have over saturatedrepparttar 102818 market with shorts and documentaries. The music video submissions simply are not there to investrepparttar 102819 time and effort to promote a category for. Ifrepparttar 102820 pressure was there, we would offer grants, industry support, and findrepparttar 102821 money to make it happen.”

The Film Festival Market isrepparttar 102822 point whererepparttar 102823 needs ofrepparttar 102824 underground Hip Hop artists andrepparttar 102825 underground film director can both be met. Festivals offer grants and cash prizes, merit initiatives, industry jobs, interviews, contacts and free advertising forrepparttar 102826 film-makers as well asrepparttar 102827 artists. Judges may be very important or distinguished industry professionals who make themselfs available torepparttar 102828 film makers and artists. Local and national major players such as production studio executives and radio DJ’s are often inrepparttar 102829 audience. If they are not, you may be encourages to invite them with an endorsement fromrepparttar 102830 festival director. Film makers and Musicians participate in talk backs in front of large audiences. There are areas for free shameless advertisement and a lobby for impulse sales. Local music stores and book shops participate to boost their image and products torepparttar 102831 community. The film festival circuit isrepparttar 102832 missing link to underground Hip Hop marketing.

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