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The Ohio River finally got down to a so I could put my boat inrepparttar 136729 river. It took sometime for me to get allrepparttar 136730 things loaded intorepparttar 136731 boat I needed for seeking out those catfish. The ramp atrepparttar 136732 Cincinnati Public Landing was empty so I was able to take my time getting my boat intorepparttar 136733 river.

I headed down river to check out some spots with my fish-finder. Scanned over of sites very few fish show onrepparttar 136734 screen. I fished 3 different places onrepparttar 136735 Ohio and 4 spots onrepparttar 136736 Licking River. Same story, ifrepparttar 136737 fish were there they just did not bite. I pitched all kinds of different baits at them. Bluegill chunks, fried chicken skin, chunks of steak, and chicken liver. Onrepparttar 136738 first day spent 5 hours with NO bites so not a fun day at all.

The next morning I was eager to get my boat inrepparttar 136739 water to check out some new places. As I launched my boat I noticedrepparttar 136740 wind was blowing uprepparttar 136741 Ohio River at a strong level. When I started down river I was taken withrepparttar 136742 fact of how much ofrepparttar 136743 Ohio bank was taken up with moored barges. Just then a tow boat was passing me by andrepparttar 136744 waves it caused was being reflected off those moored barges. Withrepparttar 136745 wind and those mixed up waves caused my boat to be tossed all overrepparttar 136746 place.

I finally got to my first spot ofrepparttar 136747 day. Ran overrepparttar 136748 area trying to locate fish. Dropped my anchor intorepparttar 136749 40 foot hole, then I got my 2 poles inrepparttar 136750 water. I noticedrepparttar 136751 wind was getting a little stronger then my poles got snagged asrepparttar 136752 anchor had slipped andrepparttar 136753 boat was drifting. Had to fightrepparttar 136754 snags onrepparttar 136755 poles ,one snapped atrepparttar 136756 hook so was able to retrieve all my line. The other pole I letrepparttar 136757 line go out as I tried to getrepparttar 136758 anchor up and startrepparttar 136759 motor. The line ran allrepparttar 136760 way out and snapped before I could getrepparttar 136761 motor started. I was not a happy guy at that point so just headed back up river to try to get out ofrepparttar 136762 wind. Stopped at a bridge and put out both font and back anchors this time and it didrepparttar 136763 job. Fish this spot for 30 minutes, NO bites.

Life Saving Aspects Of Selfdefense Part 1

Written by Peter Vermeeren

All to often a violent situation is provoked by our own behaviour. By adjusting our behaviour and following some simple rules we can and will avoid violent situations.

When walking onrepparttar street , sitting in a bus or jogging inrepparttar 136624 park , people love music. They want to take their music everywhere so they put on a headphone connected with a walkman. Well thatís fine for us but an aggressor with violent intentions will take advantage ofrepparttar 136625 fact that you are not aware of your surrounding. To distinguishrepparttar 136626 intentions of someone we basically rely on our eyes and ears. But if we fill our ears with music then it will be difficult , if not impossible to sense an approach from behind. Every aggressor knows this. The moment you put your walkman on ,repparttar 136627 possibility of a violent attack of some sort increases by 63% according to recent investigations.


Our posture also plays a special and important role in being a possible victim or not.

People walking around with their heads down and tripping over their own feet have an increased possibility of 32% of being attacked. By walking with your head up and looking without fear

to other people you meet on your way you already eliminaterepparttar 136628 attitude ofrepparttar 136629 prey. Just likerepparttar 136630 lion can see clearlyrepparttar 136631 weaker individual in a herd ,repparttar 136632 same way an aggressor will spot you if you have a prey attitude. Walk tall with your head up displaying self confidence and you will be a lot safer.


By paying attention to your surroundings you can avoid a lot of trouble.

It seems common sense but you would be surprised to know how many people donít pay attention torepparttar 136633 following rules.

Donít go into small alleys if you donít have to .

Donít accept an invitation by a stranger.

Trust your instincts. (it is better to make a mistake then to loose you live).

Donít pass through a group of people.

When you see a group of people occupying your side ofrepparttar 136634 sidewalk , crossrepparttar 136635 street to pass onrepparttar 136636 other side.

When choosing a position to sit down , always cover your back.

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