7 Secrets of Successful Marketers

Written by Michael Reed

There are certain steps that must be taken if anyone desires to become successful with an online business. When these steps are not followed ,repparttar growth of that business is drastically impaired. However ifrepparttar 116957 entrepreneur adheres to this plan of action,repparttar 116958 chances of great success are improved dramatically. Outlined below arerepparttar 116959 "secret" things that every so called super guru with a six figure income does to make all that money.

1) You must have a website that has your products displayed. This can be a site of your own or an affiliate website. Both will work for your purposes.

2) Your site must have a newsletter (also called an ezine)that you publish forrepparttar 116960 purpose of capturingrepparttar 116961 names and email addresses of your subscribers in order to build your list of prospects to whom you will send your sales offers .

3) You must write articles that you submit to Ezines forrepparttar 116962 purpose of Promoting your particular business opportunity or your expertise. This establishes you as someone who is knowledgeable as an internet entrepreneur and motivates other siteowners to link back to yours, thus improving your link popularity. Getting your article published is as easy as just submitting it to Article Directories that can be found by just searching Google or any search engine.

A Thing of The Past or The Wave of The Future?

Written by Denise Hall

The world of small businesses started crashing down inrepparttar recent past and continues to do so. Not long ago many home businesses were thriving, but now they're caving in to a faltering economy.

Let's take, for example, handmade crafts. While crafting was a lucrative home-based business as little as two or three years ago, it's seen nothing but a decline in sales since then. Many crafters have gone completely out of business inrepparttar 116956 past year alone.

Why? Becauserepparttar 116957 average American has less money to spend on luxuries and unnecessary items. The "down-sized" world we live in today has caused a snowball effect in many aspects of our lives.

Let's continue to userepparttar 116958 example of handmade crafts. Craft supplies are a necessary expense, of course. And for those who travel each weekend to sell their wares at out-of-town craft shows, there are other expenses to take into consideration. The average cost for one craft show can easily run $75-$100, not includingrepparttar 116959 cost ofrepparttar 116960 supplies.

And sorepparttar 116961 crafter starts a vicious circle. S/he spends money trying to make money, but doesn't make enough to coverrepparttar 116962 expenses, let alone turn a profit.

Onrepparttar 116963 other hand, many other small businesses are booming. The Internet has given many peoplerepparttar 116964 opportunity to start and build successful home-based businesses, with very few overhead costs.

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