Zone Diet Weight Loss Program

Written by Lana Hampton

The Zone Diet as a weight loss program has been discussed in detail by Dr. Barry Sears in his book The Zone: Revolutionary Life Plan to Put Your Body in Total Balance for Permanent Weight Loss.

What does ‘Being inrepparttar Zone’ involve and more importantly, is it a healthy weight loss regime? Barry Sears, as creator of The Zone Diet was ofrepparttar 144806 opinion that if a person eats carbohydrate, protein and fat inrepparttar 144807 right ratio of 40:30:30 then he or she will improve his or her health, weight, and performance, because certain hormones will be balanced and therefore be inrepparttar 144808 preferred "zone."

The hormones focused here are insulin (necessary for glucose to enter our cells) and eicosanoids (hormone-like substances that regulate inflammation). The Zone Diet is a popular choice for some, as it is believed to be a scientific weight loss program.

The Zone Diet works onrepparttar 144809 theory that excess insulin, a hormone that helps control our blood sugar levels, makes us over weight. So Zone Diet can be defined as keepingrepparttar 144810 hormone insulin in a ‘tight zone’. Zone diet regulates our blood sugar levels by regulating insulin levels thereby burning body fat more efficiently so that we lose weight.

To control blood sugar and consequently insulin levels, maintaining a perfect balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats in every meal is essential. Zone Diet is all about a low carb - high protein diet.

Vinegar and Weight Loss:

Written by Michael Lewis

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The Sour Truth ------------------------------------------ Question: I had a baby 6 months ago and would like to lose some weight. I know that if you're nursing, you're not supposed to diet. I have been eating healthy foods high in nutrients, and I have lost a little weight. Would it be harmful torepparttar 144768 baby if I started taking apple cider vinegar pills to help with weight loss?

Answer: A few vinegar pills probably won't hurt you or your baby, but they won't do one bit of good in helping you lose weight either. This old diet fad dates back torepparttar 144769 1970s, when a combination of apple cider, kelp, vitamin B-6, and lecithin was touted asrepparttar 144770 miracle cure for weight loss. The rationale for this concoction was that it tricked your body's metabolism.

According torepparttar 144771 claims, lecithin emulsified body fat, B-6 metabolizedrepparttar 144772 loosened fat, kelp supplied iodine to stimulaterepparttar 144773 thyroid gland to manufacture more thyroxin to speed metabolism, and vinegar supplied potassium. Like salad dressings where oil and vinegar don't mix, this was supposed to help ridrepparttar 144774 body of fat.

There Is No Proof ---------------------------------------------- There is no scientific basis, or even rational reason, for any of these claims. For example, a teaspoon of vinegar contains only five milligrams of potassium, a meager amount compared torepparttar 144775 400 milligrams in a cup of grapefruit juice. Swallowing more iodine will jump start a thyroid gland only if you are deficient in this mineral (you'll know if you are iodine-deprived because you will have developed a goiter, or an enlargement ofrepparttar 144776 thyroid gland). When people lost weight on this regimen it was because they also followedrepparttar 144777 accompanying low-calorie diet. Like allrepparttar 144778 other diet fads, from starch blockers and collagen products to herbal diet teas and hydroxycitric acid (HCA),repparttar 144779 vinegar pills fit most or allrepparttar 144780 criteria of a useless gimmick:

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