Zero Cost Quality Traffic For Your Home Business

Written by Arun Pal Singh

Copyright 2005 Arun Pal Singh

Do you know that you can promote your home business absolutely free of cost? Moreover you can generate quality traffic ofrepparttar potential prospects who will come to your site because they are interested in what you sell.

Yes! It can be done absolutely free. And it is fun too.

# Write and publish articles Ė

This isrepparttar 138960 best traffic generation method. Write articles centered onrepparttar 138961 theme of your home business niche and submit them torepparttar 138962 article directories. There are thousands of article website that are eager to publish your articles. When you write make it sure that you write an article well. Your article when published will be an unending source of quality traffic.

Your resource box inrepparttar 138963 end of article will serve asrepparttar 138964 link to your website. Make your article interesting enough so thatrepparttar 138965 reader reads tillrepparttar 138966 end and is intrigued enough to clickrepparttar 138967 link inrepparttar 138968 end.

Writing a good article is not that difficult. Think about an idea and expand it. Write as much you can while taking care ofrepparttar 138969 typos and grammatical error. After you finish it close it down and relax. Review it next day for editing. You will be surprised to findrepparttar 138970 changes you can make to improve your articles.

Search for article directories in Google or Yahoo. Compile your own list and submit to them one by one. Most of article submissions are free. It may take a while when you do itg forrepparttar 138971 first time as you need to create account withrepparttar 138972 site before you can submit. After you are through with account creationrepparttar 138973 whole thing will become an easy process.

A good article is judged by its content. It should be informative enough and of value forrepparttar 138974 publisher andrepparttar 138975 reader. Article body as such should not have links nor should it appear to be blatant sales letter. And of course no typos or grammatical error.

# Blog them and receive them- Open an account with This easy setup doesnít take more than 15 minutes. Publish this on your site. Now you own a blog. You are free to write whatever you want. But againrepparttar 138976 content will draw most readers.

How to Build an Asset Out of Giving Stuff Away for Free

Written by Jim Green

We all do it I guess: give something away for free to stimulate interest in our online promotions, an e-book here; a report there, whatever elsewhere.

But can you really build an asset out of giving stuff away?

I believe you can and Iíll tell you why.

I have dozens of small web businesses in diverse fields and one site in particular drives traffic in droves to most ofrepparttar others.

Thatís its job. Itís a portal; a catalyst and itís good at what it does.

You know what though?

I have been consistently and unwittingly underestimatingrepparttar 138959 power of its innate potential to build an asset, a priceless asset.

Until recently this valuable catalyst had no opt-in facility, no newsletter.

Crazy - and it took my ten year-old granddaughter to point outrepparttar 138960 error of my ways.

Here isrepparttar 138961 4-point action plan I implemented to persuade her I wasnít a terminally doddering old duffer.

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