Zany Ideas That Increase Writing Productivity And Quality

Written by Catherine Franz

Welcome torepparttar zany ideas of a productive writer. My students keep reminding me of my unusual tools and how helpful they have been for them. I also thank my students for their concept testing and refinement. Now, I feel much more confidant about sending them out intorepparttar 140064 world.

Forrepparttar 140065 next few minutes let your imagination run amuck. Okay, amuck is a little too far out there, so what about allowing an open mind forrepparttar 140066 time being. Afterwards, you can let your mind ruminate.

My office has a beautiful ˇ°uˇ± shape ash wood desk that I'm proud of. Partially due to its price and uniqueness. It is here, I handle my emails, pay bills, read, coach, and edit there. Yet, I had difficulty settingrepparttar 140067 ground work for my writing. Tasks like creating first drafts, deciding onrepparttar 140068 major points, or creating a table of contents. Because of this I usually seek another environment that sparks these efforts.

Probably like yourself, I found my best ideas arrive when I'm inrepparttar 140069 shower, when I first wake, while driving, or while walking. Just to name a few. Let's take a short side trip, I want to share with you how I capture my thoughts during these light-bulb moments.

While walking I use a tape recorder on an adjustable camera strap around my neck. Voice activation andrepparttar 140070 mike pointed up towards your chin are musts. To start recording all you need to do is tuck in your chin and begin speaking. I say my name first usually becauserepparttar 140071 first one or two words get lost whilerepparttar 140072 recorder's activation mode kicks on. Heavy breathing or puffing, since it goes forward and not down, usually does not activaterepparttar 140073 recorder.

Inrepparttar 140074 shower, I use a pen I purchased while visiting NASA in Florida. It can write in extreme temperatures and underwater. A grease pen works well if you don't mind writing large. It is also cheaper. Add a diver's under water board and you're ready.

For driving, I userepparttar 140075 same method as I do for my walks. Normallyrepparttar 140076 engine noise will activaterepparttar 140077 recorder if left onrepparttar 140078 seat. That is, unless you have a car that is perfectly quiet inside.

Okay, side track over, back to zany ideas.

Duringrepparttar 140079 day I found myself playing musical chairs when writing. At home and inrepparttar 140080 office. My lounge chair in my bedroom was right for personal journaling. Early outside sunrises was for new inspirations.

Start and make cash from your online writing - You must draw blood first

Written by Christopher Kyalo

Writers write just like painters, paint on canvas. This is one ofrepparttar reasons why it is important that you launch your writing career by getting some freelance writing work that you can get paid for doing.

It does not matter how smallrepparttar 139690 job is or how littlerepparttar 139691 money is that you get paid for it,repparttar 139692 important thing is to “draw blood” and get paid for your writing. Everything else you do towards being a $100,000 writer will have to start from there.

You cannot do any serious online writing without coming acrossrepparttar 139693 phrase “keyword rich articles”.

What are keyword articles? Keyword articles are articles that repeat a certain key word or key words. Keywords haverepparttar 139694 valuable power of attracting search engines. This is a complex subject but simply put, keywords are selected carefully in an effort to attract as much search engine traffic as possible to a site.

Withrepparttar 139695 growing popularity of Google Adsense pay per click ads widely posted at web sites and blogs, keywords also haverepparttar 139696 important function of attractingrepparttar 139697 right Google ads to a site or blog that will earnrepparttar 139698 publisherrepparttar 139699 highest amount of cash when visitors torepparttar 139700 site click on them.

You must begin by aggressively looking for freelance writing assignments for keywords. Inrepparttar 139701 second part of this article we will suggest a few buyers of keyword articles that you can start off with. But they will only purchase quality articles that you have simply not copied or lifted from somewhere else. So it is very important that before you seek keyword articles, that you actually write a couple first and post them at leading article directories and article announcement sites. Visit sites to see how keyword articles are written and also visit my blog and read this article that usesrepparttar 139702 keywords (debt consolidation). Here isrepparttar 139703 link torepparttar 139704 article.

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