Your web host could be the reason why you are a sitting duck for a DDos attack

Written by Staff, Web-Host-Search

Just as we have been forced to face terrifying new terrorist attacks inrepparttar offline world that threatens our very way of life, online and less publicized dangers are an increasing and terrifying threat.

Few people realize that your choice of web host has a lot to do with just how secure your web site is going to be against attack. Even a simple assault from a lone hacker will tend to be easier with an unprepared web host with less resources and experience.

Butrepparttar 134335 real terror emerges from Ddos attacks or Distributed Denial-of-service attacks. Deliberately designed to elude detection by today's most popular tools, these attacks tend to be swift and come without any warning, leaving behind huge losses that can never be recouped. Microsoft lost an estimated $500 million in just a few days from a Ddos attack onrepparttar 134336 site in January 2001. Of courserepparttar 134337 costs go way beyond simple monetary terms. Because site performance is compromised,repparttar 134338 business ends up with frustrated customers.

5 good reasons why you may need to change your web host now, before it is too late

Written by Staff, Web-Host-Search

There is a very high possibility that changing your web host now could actually save you a lot of grief inrepparttar near future. Inrepparttar 134334 past people have hardly paid attention to their web hosts and have thus been ignorant torepparttar 134335 fact that this is a choice that makes a huge impact on performance and ultimatelyrepparttar 134336 success of any online venture.

1)Security at your web host matters The security settings of your web host matter. They actually matter a lot. So much so thatrepparttar 134337 security of your site from hacks and allrepparttar 134338 other increasing online dangers depends on it. An intensive review of your web host may lead you to look at a few other web hosts and their infrastructure withrepparttar 134339 intention of moving your hosting elsewhere.

2)Ddos attacks on another site in your hosts network will affect you The danger of Ddos attacks is onrepparttar 134340 rise. Ddos or Distributed Denial-of-service attacks have been targeted at various well known sites inrepparttar 134341 past costing losses.

These arerepparttar 134342 attacks where massive false online traffic is generated towards your site, thus crippling it. The attack is executed when thousands of compromised zombie hosts are directed against a target. These zombie hosts are unwittingly recruited fromrepparttar 134343 millions of unprotected computers online and are quickly build up waiting forrepparttar 134344 command to launch a Ddos attack. The symptoms are that a site receives impossibly high false traffic that literally shuts it down.

The protection from this menace does not come cheap. The most recent Cisco Ddos protection appliance costs about $200,000. What this means is that many web hosts will not have this protection. And what makes it worse is thatrepparttar 134345 attack does not need to be targeted against you for you to be affected. An attack on any single site a particular hosts' network will affect everybody.

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