Your local town trustees: keep watch on them

Written by Greg Cryns

You elect your local trustees, be they for your village, your schools or your library. For most people,repparttar closest contact they ever have with their elected officials is atrepparttar 113509 ballot box. Maybe you saw an ad on a neighbor's lawn andrepparttar 113510 picture looked good, so you voted for that candidate. Or maybe you actually do knowrepparttar 113511 candidate personally and you like him/her. So you checkrepparttar 113512 box to vote him/her into office.

I happen to be an elected member ofrepparttar 113513 Nippersink Library District board of trustees. The reason I am there is that I've always loved my local library; I've always found it to be a warm place (or cool inrepparttar 113514 summer) where I can pick uprepparttar 113515 local newspaper and read it - relatively undisturbed. Or I can peruserepparttar 113516 latest novels. I can also borrow DVD's and audio books to keep me company when I'm in my car. And I felt that I needed to become involved in my community. I'm always amazed atrepparttar 113517 number of different things you can do atrepparttar 113518 library. So I ran forrepparttar 113519 office and won (unopposed, I should add).

I have also attended village and school board meetings. But that was always when I had a burning opinion to relay torepparttar 113520 boards. For instance, in 1999repparttar 113521 village of Richmond was scheduled to vote on whether a parcel of land next to my property should be annexed and rezoned. I was against it. So were a whole bunch of other citizens in Richmond who attended that meeting. The village board passedrepparttar 113522 annexation over our objections, or, it seemed to me, to spite our objections.`

I had similar experiences with our school boards. No matter how many people showed up for a particular meeting, we always felt thatrepparttar 113523 school board trustees turned a deaf ear on our appeals. Or asrepparttar 113524 grade school superintendent said, "We agree to disagree!" Well, hot damn!

Earlier this month (July 2002)repparttar 113525 Richmond Zoning Board agreed to recommendrepparttar 113526 annexation and rezoning of a hotly contested piece of property torepparttar 113527 village board. Two citizens, Rommy Lopat and John Drummond, took it upon themselves to hire a few high-priced attorneys and city planners. They attempted to giverepparttar 113528 village board a different perspective aboutrepparttar 113529 annexation than whatrepparttar 113530 board was hearing fromrepparttar 113531 developerrepparttar 113532 Village President andrepparttar 113533 Zoning Board President.

Illegal Immigrants

Written by Ed Howes

It is a U.S. Constitutional mandate thatrepparttar U.S. Congress shall securerepparttar 113508 borders ofrepparttar 113509 United States. It appears this was never done and never will be. Whenrepparttar 113510 Federal Government failed to do its job and made things worse, it becamerepparttar 113511 responsibility ofrepparttar 113512 affected Border States to secure these borders and start programs that reducerepparttar 113513 pressure on those who are driven torepparttar 113514 U.S. The Border States did nothing but point torepparttar 113515 irresponsible Feds….and continues to do so. Not our job, they say, andrepparttar 113516 job goes undone.

Inrepparttar 113517 past few years, citizen groups have begun to step in, to attempt to do what government will not. These citizen groups scarerepparttar 113518 hell out of everybody, butrepparttar 113519 people andrepparttar 113520 drugs just keep on coming. Since no one can stoprepparttar 113521 illegal traffic, it is way past time to create a uniform policy for these people that were essentially invited here byrepparttar 113522 government’s irresponsible, unlawful behavior.

Because every undocumented immigrant represents government carelessness and dereliction of duty andrepparttar 113523 lack of domestic security, they should be recorded and rewarded for their effort. In many cases they have risked their lives. Congress has risked nothing. The immigrants deserve recognition forrepparttar 113524 triumph of will over bureaucracy. They should be an inspiration to us all.

Offer amnesty, a green card and a State driver's license to every one who desires them. Document where they came from, who they are, what skills they have brought with them and why they have come here. Take DNA samples so we can identify them and their offspring so long as they remain inrepparttar 113525 U.S. They came for a better life and we will see they get one. We can help them with skills training and work options, education, health care, housing and more.

Because they essentially invadedrepparttar 113526 country, there must be a penalty that will discourage others from doingrepparttar 113527 same. That penalty isrepparttar 113528 forfeiture of citizenship for them and any offspring, forever. Unless they return to their homeland, apply for legal admission, and obtain it, based on their record while living inrepparttar 113529 U.S.

The citizenship provisions ofrepparttar 113530 U.S. Constitution were deficient fromrepparttar 113531 day they were written. They encourage illegal immigrants to have children here because citizenship is a privilege of birth. Citizenship should not be a privilege. It should mean as much to someone born here as it does to legal immigrants who study for naturalization. The tests should be meaningful and difficult to pass.

Citizens need to be knowledgeable in Religious, Common and Constitutional law. This law isrepparttar 113532 contract we agree to live by. Not to knowrepparttar 113533 terms ofrepparttar 113534 contract generates criminal society and government. That's what we have today and that's what we'll have tomorrow. Citizens have left it all to incompetent professionals. Liberty demands personal vigilance. A lazy free man is a hermit.

Gift citizenship makes political equals ofrepparttar 113535 ignorant andrepparttar 113536 educated. What isrepparttar 113537 point of obtaining degrees and being a conscientious citizen, when ignorant fools can outvote you? How can you have a jury of peers when people who know nothing of law are seated on a jury and simply take instruction from some authoritarian, black robed, law priest? When citizenship is a gift it has no meaning but privilege. When citizenship becomes an achievement, it has honest value. Let's fixrepparttar 113538 many deficiencies inrepparttar 113539 U.S. Constitution. It won't be easy.

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