Your first job is NOT to get your customer Your first job is NOT to get your customer

Written by Noel Peebles

Your first job is to get them to see your ad!

If you have read my manual "The Secrets Uncovered: How To Write Headlines That Could Make You A Fortune", you will recall that every ad should followrepparttar AIDA formula: 1. Get Attention 2. Generate Interest 3. Create Desire 4. Call for Action

The problem is that most ads just aim to get attention by using bold or unusual graphic gimmicks. It is a bit like walking up to a customer and grabbing them by both shoulders, staring them inrepparttar 101136 face, and shaking them.

I suspect you'll get their attention but will they buy? You see, getting their attention is only part ofrepparttar 101137 job.

I have a more effective way of getting attention ...repparttar 101138 right kind of attention that will generate interest in what you have to sell.

The secret is:

Make your ad look like a news story!

Don't make it look like an ad. Don't use line art. Don't use arrows, cute graphics, reverse type, (except maybe to highlight a phone number), weird typesets . . .

Or anything else that might win an award for graphic design!

Come closer and listen. Here is how to think about your newspaper ads. Think about what could berepparttar 101139 best possible piece of luck you could have. Think aboutrepparttar 101140 reporter who heard a rumour about your product or service and decided to check it out. And then he fell in love with it. In fact he loved it so much, he went back to his PC and wrote a full page rave article about what you are selling.

How Effective Are Your Ads?

Written by Pamela Heywood

Do you read classifieds ads? I do because I run an advertising ezine and I can tell you it's an education at times. Ads arerepparttar first impressionrepparttar 101135 unsuspecting public gets of you and your business. They are "make or break", so do yours shape up? Let's take a hard-hitting look -- names omitted to protectrepparttar 101136 guilty!

Frightening Realities

One ofrepparttar 101137 most frightening things -- and, I admit, amusing for me -- was when I ran a spoof ad contest a few months ago. I wroterepparttar 101138 spoofs and I thought they were as obvious asrepparttar 101139 day's long.

Various stuff like ...

I GET PAID when I go torepparttar 101140 BATHROOM! Do You??? Guaranteed amazing home-business plan! Works in your smallest room! Very convenient. No Smelling!! Queue here:

As one reader wrote, "If this ISN'T it, WE're IN TROUBLE!!!"

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Well, we were in trouble! Something I really didn't expect was that people sent in some WRONG answers. That is, they mistook real ads as being works of comedy. Now you can titter, but ...

It's FREE and it WORKS.

Deposit $25 to $50,000. Expected payout: Each $25 deposit will pay out $51,200.00

Here's A Switch - The COMPANY Works For YOU!

FREE $19.95 for anyone who can't make 2 sales in 24 hours!

Retire Early !!

... are all excerpts from just a few ofrepparttar 101141 ads that someone judged to be bogus when they were in fact, perfectly real.

Applyrepparttar 101142 Hype-O-Meter Test

Clearly, there are people who have caught on torepparttar 101143 rule "if it sounds too good to be true, it is", but many more have not.

Whilstrepparttar 101144 word FREE isn't hype, it's far too overdone. Nothing is really free anyway, because atrepparttar 101145 very least it costs you your time to check it out. Free is very often better defined as "included inrepparttar 101146 price". By all means use free offers to get traffic, but watch how you use it and be truthful fromrepparttar 101147 start if there is a condition attached.

Sadly though, there are too many people being suckered into believingrepparttar 101148 unreal stuff floating around onrepparttar 101149 net. Do you really, honestly think that you can make a living giving things away, doing nothing, selling nothing?

You won't as many ofrepparttar 101150 recent failures of programs using this model attest. There's a new one born every week and people sign up to promote them in their droves. All WANTING to believe that this will be their ticket onrepparttar 101151 Internet's Magic Carpet Ride.

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat ...

Whilst it's true that once you find an ad that works you should keep advertising it, what won't work is repeatingrepparttar 101152 same ads as everyone else. All you are doing is spending time -- your time and that is NOT free even ifrepparttar 101153 ads were.

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