"Your assigned character in life"

Written by krishnan.c

What do we need mostly to live happily in this world? If we ask this question to anybody what will we expectrepparttar answer from them?

The answer we expect from them will be definitely money. This isrepparttar 138658 answer we expect mostly from anybody.

Canrepparttar 138659 money will be dropped fromrepparttar 138660 roof if anybody sit idle in their home?

Let us imagine what arerepparttar 138661 ordeals we are encountering daily to acquire this money.

The first qualification we must have to acquire this money is to be more busy than a bee.

For acquiring this money we have to fly like a bee from morning to till we retire inrepparttar 138662 night.

In this connection please just imagine about our routine for acquiring this money.

Whenrepparttar 138663 morning came we have to fulfill our and family immediate needs other wiserepparttar 138664 starting ofrepparttar 138665 day itself become a trouble for us.Then we have to expect this trouble's velocity in our work.

After that we have to prepare for our journey torepparttar 138666 work spot and we will get a shy of relief only if our public transport reached in time to our work spot or we have successfully crossedrepparttar 138667 floods of signals and traffic onrepparttar 138668 way to our work spot if we own conveyance.

There at our workspot,whatever may be our mood or health we have to show our excellence inrepparttar 138669 drama(your work)throughrepparttar 138670 character we have been assigned.If we have been assignedrepparttar 138671 role of comedian we have to act as a comedian in front ofrepparttar 138672 customers or colleagues or chief executive.

Even if we haverepparttar 138673 talent to act as a hero we cannot outbound our assigned character.

Whenrepparttar 138674 evening came and after we come out of our work spot we have to prepare for another ordeal what we have started inrepparttar 138675 morning.The same thing gettingrepparttar 138676 public transport or crossingrepparttar 138677 floods of signals and traffic.

This isrepparttar 138678 routine most of us experiencing daily.Why this routine?Because to earn money for maintaining our family and for other purposes.

We must remember that money is necessary in this world for our survival.But money alone cannot make us to survive in this world happily.

We may have seen in our real life that there are many people who may have millions and millions of dollars of assets but they cannot eat whatever they like? Because they have to be under strict diet control.Whetherrepparttar 138679 money they haverepparttar 138680 power to break their diet control or free them from their disease?Absolutely it is not possible.

Inrepparttar 138681 present fast world we are also concerning only withrepparttar 138682 earning of money alone but it is doubt whether we know howrepparttar 138683 means of earning money directly or indirectly affecting our health.

Is it necessary for us to earn this money after sacrificing our health directly or indirectly.

Can we have any solution in this world to enjoyrepparttar 138684 money we are earning without sacrificing our health directly or indirectly.

'If you have a fine board,then only you can paint'

Like this,if you have a good health then only you can enjoyrepparttar 138685 money coming out of your earning.

"When Philip can do,Why can't me"

Written by krishnan.c

Children may born with 'gold spoon' but not with bad character. It isrepparttar parent's guidance and surveillance determines childrens character.

So as a parent you must guide them properly to become a good citizen to our nation also to your family.

"Akio Morita" who isrepparttar 138657 founder ofrepparttar 138658 world best communication and entertainment giant "Sony" was born in a small town. His father was a traditional type where as Morita was contemporary. Morita used to think everything on a positive side.

His idea for inventing a packet radio is satisfyingrepparttar 138659 millions of people as a mobile entertainment kit.

The idea of developingrepparttar 138660 packet radio came as a spark in his mind on seeingrepparttar 138661 statue of another world best Communication giant Dr.Philip, founder of world famous 'Philips'.

Morito swung into action and inventedrepparttar 138662 packet radio on seeingrepparttar 138663 statue of "Dr.Philip".

The only thing in his mind at that time was "When Philip can do" "Why can't me".

The result of such rationale and positive thinking made him to developrepparttar 138664 "Sony" packet radio, which is now satisfyingrepparttar 138665 millions of peoples aroundrepparttar 138666 world as a mobile radio, easy to fit in their packet and also to their ear also.

Nowrepparttar 138667 "Sony" has developed as a communication giant whether it may be a TV, or a mobile phone.

If Akio Morito has not acted positively on seeingrepparttar 138668 statue of Dr.Philiprepparttar 138669 world would not have seen another revolution inrepparttar 138670 field of communication.

You can hangrepparttar 138671 picture of "Akio Morito" in a place where your children's attention is drawn regularly.

You can hang it over behindrepparttar 138672 TV or in their bedroom or in a place where you think that it can draw their attention much.

The picture and therebyrepparttar 138673 story of Mr.Akio Morita will consciously or unconsciously record inrepparttar 138674 minds of, your children.

When consciously or unconsciously recordedrepparttar 138675 subconscious mind will give positive ideas or thoughts onrepparttar 138676 line ofrepparttar 138677 thinking already recorded inrepparttar 138678 subconscious mind.

Don't you be proud of your children if they are another Akio Morito or more than another Akio Morito. Definitely your children can be.

The immediate concern of you now is that you don't haverepparttar 138679 image of Akio Morito.

Don't worry. It is not a great worry. You haverepparttar 138680 alternative. You can writerepparttar 138681 name of Akio Morito in a piece of paper or in a card and paste it in a place where your children's attention is drawn regularly.

Don't forget to brief themrepparttar 138682 profile of Akio Morito.Once they heardrepparttar 138683 profile they won't forget it even if you ask them to forget it.

Children's level of remembrance is so acute thanrepparttar 138684 matured.

No children born in this world is genius on his birth but he is made genius byrepparttar 138685 circumstances and guidance.

The circumstances and guidance you create for them make them as genius.

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