Your article headlines will make or break your business

Written by Chris K.

Most people with an online presence will have to regularly deal withrepparttar issue of coming up with an appropriate headline. The problem is that most people do not take it seriously enough. Many do not realize thatrepparttar 150107 headline is so important that no matter how goodrepparttar 150108 content is, it will never get read ifrepparttar 150109 headline does not beckon surfers to it.

The power of a headline

Inrepparttar 150110 offline world ofrepparttar 150111 tabloid press, one headline can sell a few hundred copies while another inrepparttar 150112 same publication, can sell several million copies. Online headlines are even more important as quite often somebody will not have an opportunity to leaf through, like they do in a print publication. Quite often, even a summary will not be available and allrepparttar 150113 prospective reader has to go on, isrepparttar 150114 headline.

Most of us forget that we are motivated to read almost everything that we read online throughrepparttar 150115 headline. Open any news page and you will only click onrepparttar 150116 headlines that you find interesting. Even on a page of search engine results, you will tend to go for a lower ranked page with a better headline.

What this clearly means is that every little tiny headline that you place on every small piece of content is important and will have an impact on how often that item gets read. Ultimately every little headline will contribute towardsrepparttar 150117 success or failure of your site.

A Publishing Genius Finds Niche!

Written by Winn Griffin

Edward Stratemeyer was a publishing genius. Born in Elizabeth, NJ, he began writing juvenile fiction shortly after he graduated from high school. He wrote using many pseudonyms. He began The Stratemeyer Literary Syndicate in 1905. His greatest desire was to be a “paperback writer” not unlike Horatio Alger.

Stratemeyer’s acumen for business helped him find a niche market, children’s books. But, not like any children’s books before. He began a series of books called The Rover Boys He produced several books in this series at once (called breeders). These books would be written under a pseudonym. Why? Stratemeyer knew that he would die one day, but other writers usingrepparttar same pseudonym could continuerepparttar 150026 series and live on. So we have names like Carolyn Keene and Franklin W. Dixon.

Another genius move was that he maderepparttar 150027 books look like books that adults read. He boundrepparttar 150028 books and usedrepparttar 150029 same typeface as books for adult readers. These books would not be long and tedious and chapters would end with a kinda cliff hanger (not unlike each segment ofrepparttar 150030 TV drama Alias does today). With these innovations The Rover Boys was an overwhelming success.

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