Your ads not pulling in traffic? The problem

Written by By Luis Perez

It happens frequently enough these days. Somebody goes to great lengths, using valuable time and cash to promote their web sites only for all their efforts to come to naught.

Many times this is blamed on various factors. An excuse is easy to find in a huge place likerepparttar net. And yet more often than not,repparttar 134310 culprit may be much closer than a frustrated web site owner may think. Just like in a good murder-whodunit-mystery it could easily berepparttar 134311 last person anybody would think of. And that isrepparttar 134312 Web hosting company.

So many things can go wrong with a web hosting site that will tend to impact onrepparttar 134313 efficiency ofrepparttar 134314 sites operated by that particular host.

For example many people may not know that Hosting Companies quite often get tempted into overselling. Meaning that they end up with many more accounts than what they can realistically handle and support. The immediate result is that sites supported by such hosts end up being extremely slow.

Visitors clicking in find that they have to wait for ages for anything to open. Such a site also becomes fairly unreliable and can be down more often than it is up.

Would it be any surprise in such a situation that advertising and promotional efforts hardly bring in visitors?

Speed is one key aspect that netpreneurs need to keep very much in mind.

With bricks and mortar counter parts, once a client enters a shop there are many things to distract them and keep them onrepparttar 134315 premises long enough to make a purchase. Thus many bricks and mortar enterprises have gotten away with slow service for years. Onrepparttar 134316 net, it is a totally different ball game. Clickingrepparttar 134317 X atrepparttar 134318 top right hand corner of a window that is proving slow to open, isrepparttar 134319 easiest thing inrepparttar 134320 world to do.

Why one-man-basement-operations will not do for your hosting service.

Written by Luis Perez

A proliferation of hosting setups run by kids out of their dorms or by hobbyists from their basements, as cash cow part-time operations, have hadrepparttar effect givingrepparttar 134309 hosting industry a bad name mainly because ofrepparttar 134310 poor service that has been on offer.

Nightmare stories abound from web site owners who maderepparttar 134311 mistake of casually signing off their e-commerce operations torepparttar 134312 mercies of poor hosting services. Stillrepparttar 134313 proliferation of hosting services has hadrepparttar 134314 good effect of dramatically bringing down prices.

Still,repparttar 134315 obvious disadvantage of low prices onrepparttar 134316 other hand has been that it has kept away many real professional companies from enteringrepparttar 134317 industry. This has meant that services from many companies have remained poor and below acceptable standards.

In some cases this has cost some e-commerce entrepreneurs dearly in terms of lost revenues. For example how do you recover traffic that you spent dearly to generate only to have them miss your site simply becauserepparttar 134318 site was down for one reason or another? Or even worse, because it took too long to load and they clicked on to somewhere else?

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