Your Social Security Approval Package (Finally, the Long Wait is Over!)

Written by Lala Balattan

Back and forth torepparttar Disability Determination Services (DDS)… Arranging and rearranging data and documents for applications, appeals and motion of requests… Monthly contacts withrepparttar 119207 Social Security Administration Claims Rep andrepparttar 119208 DDS examiner… After endless consultations with your legal counsel or representatives, after many, many series of medical consultations and examinations, and finally, after too many false hopes and expectations… Your patience and determination has been rewarded! You have receivedrepparttar 119209 ultimate information relatingrepparttar 119210 approval of your Disability Benefit claim!

So, what now?

Usually,repparttar 119211 letter sent to you byrepparttar 119212 SSA informing you of your claim approval will showrepparttar 119213 amount ofrepparttar 119214 benefits you are to receive, as determined byrepparttar 119215 Social Security Office, and whenrepparttar 119216 payments will start. The benefits due to you are to be given monthly. Generally, you must be disabled for 5 full calendar months before you can receive your disability benefits forrepparttar 119217 first time.

If it had taken you so long to wait forrepparttar 119218 approval of your benefit claims, it is also likely that you will receive certain amounts for benefits past due. This will be based on how long it took to process and resolve your case andrepparttar 119219 determined actual date your disability began. These back-payments will be given to you in lump sum –repparttar 119220 SSI give it by installment, depending on its amount size, whilerepparttar 119221 social security disability back-pay are paid in a single lump sum.

Certain medical benefits will also be received. You may receive Medicaid if your benefits are derived from supplemental security income (SSI) or Medicare if it is fromrepparttar 119222 Social Security Program, also called Retirement Survivors Disability Insurance. Your medical benefits will start coming 2 years after your eligibility for benefits has been established.

How to Make a Better SSI Case

Written by Lala Balattan

It is not actually that a person’s disability claim is not believable enough or substantial enough that causes denied applications forrepparttar Social Security Disability orrepparttar 119206 Supplemental Security Income benefits. Represented or not, with undisputable medical records or not, seventy percent (70%) of all disability claims are denied at applications. Does this mean that, it really makes no difference whether you present a substantial claim or not? Of course not!

It simply means that you have to possess more analysis and should insist to learn more aboutrepparttar 119207 workings, procedures and especiallyrepparttar 119208 approval system ofrepparttar 119209 SSD and SSI Programs. By being attuned to their systems and procedures, respecting their authority and cooperating with them, you stand a better chance of presenting a winning SSI case. With or without help from a legal counsel or other representative, your knowledge ofrepparttar 119210 system would sustain your claim.

Dear claimants, it is indeed intolerable to note thatrepparttar 119211 crucial information regardingrepparttar 119212 SSD/SSI benefits policies and procedures cannot always be had fromrepparttar 119213 actual persons takingrepparttar 119214 citizen’s claims for disability benefits and SSI. Never be disheartened, though! Even if you eventually think thatrepparttar 119215 applications for SSD / SSI might be a secret process fiercely guarded by who knows? Do not fret! We are providing you with very information, tips and advice in order for you to be armed withrepparttar 119216 right ideas and learn for yourself how you could improved your very own SSI case.

Stand a better chance of having a competent and substantial review of your medical status. Do this by finding out if your personal physician will support your disability case. Once he expresses his support, request for a detailed statement as torepparttar 119217 reasons you were disabled and unable to work. It is also essential to continue submitting copies of your medical records, including recent update, when you apply and each time you appeal.

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