Your Secret Weapon... A Budget

Written by Gregory Thomas

For many,repparttar word 'budget' immediately sends shivers downrepparttar 149384 spine. Why inrepparttar 149385 world would anyone need or want to budget their money?

First off, budgeting your money does NOT mean you are poor, or are in need of financial assistance. You'd be surprised to know how many considered to be "middle class", regularly budget their money in order to makerepparttar 149386 most of what they have.

Secondly, designing and implementing a budget does NOT take a Harvard doctorate degree requiring hours upon hours of tedious work.

What is a budget?

Simply put, a budget helps you to track your income and keep your spending habits in check over a certain period of time, allowing you to reach specific goals.

Why Start A Budget

There are many reasons why a family may want to implement a budget. These "reasons" can be labeled BUDGET GOALS. The reason(s) you are budgeting your money.

It is imperative that you actually determine what your GOALS are before actually designing a budget plan.This is what you will be striving for.

Answerrepparttar 149387 question - 'Why do I want to start budgeting my money?' To save for a new house or car? Saving for your childrens' college education? What about an early retirement?

These are all very important goals that many of us will have to face at some point in our lives. And these are some ofrepparttar 149388 goals that can be tackled throughrepparttar 149389 implementation of a budget.

** Summary - Set Your Goal(s) **

Cash Flow Analysis

It is now time to determinerepparttar 149390 amount of "cash" that comes into your pocket every month, andrepparttar 149391 amount that leaves your pocket every month.

This is one ofrepparttar 149392 most important steps in planning your budget, for it allows you to get a whole perspective of your current financial situation. Atrepparttar 149393 same time, analyzing your "cash-flow" allows you to actually see where your incomes are coming from and how it is being spent.

Remember, this does not have to be done professionally nor does it need to be time consuming. In addition to that, try not to track every single penny that you spend. You'll drive yourself crazy. A budget should not frustrate you to death.

Start with your income(s). It's best to take it a month at a time so you get a clear, concise view of what you make on a monthly basis. Don't forget to include any benefit or interest payments you receive.

After you have an idea ofrepparttar 149394 TOTAL amount you receive monthly, it's time to add uprepparttar 149395 expenses you pay every month. Generally, you can group most expenditures into two categories - fixed and variable.

Fixed bills - mortgage, car, insurance loans, etc...

Variable bills - utilities, phone, car maintenance, entertainment, food, etc...

It is really important that you tally up EVERYTHING that is paid out monthly. That includes all taxes, social security, 401(k) (retirement funds), and any other deductions that you might have taken directly out of your paycheck.

It works best if you write down ALLrepparttar 149396 expenses/bills that you pay monthly.

If you are having difficulty remembering what is paid every month, take a look back through your financial records, checkbook or bank statements for more accurate numbers.

A Simple Question We All Wonder - Are Debt Settlement Companies Scams?

Written by Jon Butt

Are debt settlement companies scams? It's a simple question so does it have a simple answer?

Along withrepparttar genuinely helpful firms, there are plenty of operations billing themselves as legit debt settlement companies. These debt company scams prey on debtors by promising relieved debt and empty their pockets forcing payment of outrageous fees.

For starters, scams are a fixture on Internet pages scattered throughrepparttar 149383 net. From 'scamdicapper' sites that 'highway rob' bettors & gamblers of their wager earnings to false charity sites,repparttar 149384 best debt negotiation companies are hard to come by.

There are plenty of operations billing themselves as legit debt settlement companies. These debt company scams prey on debtors by promising relieved debt and empty their pockets forcing payment of outrageous fees.

As A Debtor It's Your Job To Be Careful When Getting Out Of Debt

Although hundreds of debt settlement companies scams are reported torepparttar 149385 FBI by debtors and investigated byrepparttar 149386 Federal Trade Commission every day, there are some solid, bona fide debt settlement companies out there. Avoidrepparttar 149387 sketchy operations of scam companies by becoming acquainted withrepparttar 149388 best companies for debt negotiation. Click onrepparttar 149389 menu choices onrepparttar 149390 top left forrepparttar 149391 best debt settlement companies listed atrepparttar 149392 bottom of each page. Only bonafide companies get rated.

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