Your Personal Renaissance

Written by Julie Jordan Scott

Lately my mind has been inexplicably drawn to two very important women in my life. I have seen neither of these women in thirty years, yet their influence remains. Miss Foley and Mrs. Anderson both taught at Linden Avenue Elementary School. I can still see their faces, hear their voices, and if I am really quiet, I can smell Miss Foley's perfume and hearrepparttar sounds of Mrs. Anderson's second grade classroom fromrepparttar 124020 perspective ofrepparttar 124021 coatroom.

Miss Foley taught me to read. Mrs. Anderson taught me to learn from what I was reading.

These two women brought about an awakening in my life. They guided me from illiteracy to artistry. It was inrepparttar 124022 second grade I discovered expression through haiku and creative writing, spinning tales regularly for myself and anyone else who I perceived was interested. Influential partners and teachers in our lives are Transformers. Revolutionaries. Together, they haverepparttar 124023 power to change humanity.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Scholarship is to be created not by compulsion, but by awakening a pure interest in knowledge. The wise instructor accomplishes this by opening to his pupils preciselyrepparttar 124024 attractionsrepparttar 124025 study has for himself."

Lately I have been awakened through personal study ofrepparttar 124026 Renaissance period in history.

Renaissance. Merriam Webster tell us it can mean a specific period of time in Human history followingrepparttar 124027 Middle Ages or it can point towards a period of revival or renewal. Finally, it can be a personal experience of an expansion in artistic and intellectual activity.

When an old year becomes history and we are given a fresh new calendar, suddenlyrepparttar 124028 possibilities glisten and glean before our eyes. We stand taller, we make new commitments. We sometimes stand courageous where before we would stand inrepparttar 124029 place of fear.

All because we turnrepparttar 124030 page of a calendar from one year torepparttar 124031 next.

A couple years ago there was quite a period of unsettle as people concerned themselves withrepparttar 124032 year 2000. All that negative, nervous energy was for naught. Worldwide, humanity collaborated to make a smooth transition from one millenium torepparttar 124033 next.

You can make a smooth transition, today, to stand tall and courageous in Your New Renaissance.

My theme forrepparttar 124034 year 2002 is "My New Renaissance: Honoring All of Me."

Even writing that brings a smile to my face. A Re-birth. A time to love each aspect of myself be itrepparttar 124035 terrific,repparttar 124036 so-so orrepparttar 124037 things I-am-not-so- proud-to- admit. The word "honor" reflects my willingness to respect myself as I respect others in my life. In honoring myself, my commitment to honoring others is rooted even more deeply and authentically.

The Hero's Journey

Written by Robert Knowlton

I think I'm attached to being comfortable!

Being comfortable: thinking I know what I'm doing, where I'm going and that it's all under control. My, how I can fool myself.

This realization hit me again about 10 days ago while attendingrepparttar NLP conference in Toronto. One ofrepparttar 124019 keynote presenters, Judith Delozier, brought uprepparttar 124020 idea of The Hero's Journey inrepparttar 124021 context of leadership, in particular self-leadership. I had heardrepparttar 124022 term before and understood it to mean life's journey in which we come face to face with who we are, our deepest fears and desires, our weaknesses and our strengths. In other words, getting uncomfortable.

In this Journeyrepparttar 124023 Hero is YOU, and in my life, it is ME. The hero has a job to do. This job -- your job, my job -- is to be aware, trust and live in connection with your unique greatness. Sounds simple, and in essence, I believe it is simple. However, simple does not equal easy. It requires stepping out of your comfort zone.

As I've grown, I've become clearer and clearer about my journey (or I think I'm clearer). I believe my journey is to teach and lead and coach others to discover their own unique journey. I know this is true. I can feel it in my bones, in my gut, my chest and through my shoulders.

Still, for some reason I often resist. I resist owning repparttar 124024 fullness and potential power of my own journey. Getting through barriers, blocks and obstacles requires a journey to new and uncomfortable places of introspection and self-awareness. It requires work and being OK with not knowing. Thoughts and emotions of uncertainty and doubt float through my mind and offer me simple excuses to stop putting inrepparttar 124025 effort. These patterns of distraction were clearly defined byrepparttar 124026 Buddha who understoodrepparttar 124027 workings ofrepparttar 124028 human mind.

2500 years agorepparttar 124029 Buddha identified five hindrances to repparttar 124030 clarity all heroes seek. These still affect us as much today as any time in history: 1. Doubt -repparttar 124031 plug puller of all effort 2. Craving - constantly dissatisfied and wanting something other than what's in front of me 3. Aversion or hatred (the flip side of craving) - pushing away from things I don't like 4. Laziness and sloth - slipping inwards, escaping into sleep, inaction and simple couch potato life (don't bother me with that Hero work) 5. Restlessness - running from one thing to another just to fill my mind (give me control ofrepparttar 124032 TV remote and everything will be OK!).

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