Your Own Name Servers

Written by Richard Lowe

I've gotten downright tired of moving my site again and again. It seems there are no competent hosting companies anywhere onrepparttar planet. I don't ask for much. In addition torepparttar 134443 usual features for a paid web host, I just want my site to be up and relatively quick. Downtime should be measured in hours per year, and at it's slowestrepparttar 134444 site should respond in less than half a second.

So far I haven't found a single hosting company that even comes close. I've tried about a dozen different firms, and they've all come up short. In fact,repparttar 134445 most important rule of any web host is violated on a regular basis time and again. The sites are down and very slow. Virtually anything else can be tolerated, except for downtime.

Finally I sat back one day and thought long and hard about my options. I was getting very frustrated with my current hosting company becauserepparttar 134446 server was timing out on occasion, causing my sites to become unavailable for a few minutes here and a few minutes there.

I started looking for hosts and saw a word that caught my eye. The word was "dedicated". Now that was a thought - a whole machine all to myself. There was some appeal to that thought, butrepparttar 134447 price was too high, or at least I thought so atrepparttar 134448 time.

Looking closer intorepparttar 134449 concept, I found a dedicated hosting service that was actually reasonably priced. For a couple of hundred dollars a month I had a web and mail server all to myself. Yes, I know that sounds high when compared to a shared hosting service, but remember this included an incredible amount of bandwidth, lots of disk space and plenty of power.

I paid forrepparttar 134450 first month and soon discoveredrepparttar 134451 server had it's own name server software. This meant I no longer had to deal with an ISP for name server services.

What's so good about that? Well, as an example, some time ago I wanted to install Bigmailbox on a site. This would have allowed my visitors to have a mailbox named "". I thought this would be a pretty cool service to offer my visitors.

The ISP would not makerepparttar 134452 change necessary to install this feature. The change requires about 1 minute, yet they would not do it. Not even for a charge. With access to my own name server I could have made this change myself. It's very simple really. Just a one line modification.

Another thing I wanted to do on occasion is create subdomains. For example, This would allow me to create sites within sites in a logical, easy to remember format.

Most of my previous ISPs would not allow me to make these changes. One of them wanted to charge $10 per change. Ten dollars for a one minute modification. Now I can do this kind of thing myself, as often as I want.

Why a web site, and why web hosting?

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Imagine having a filing system that could withstand a nuclear war. Hmm, I wouldn’t like to prove it, but in theory that is whatrepparttar Internet could resist with its virtual existence. If you transfer files of information aroundrepparttar 134442 Internet, operating in virtual space, it would be difficult to lose that information if you had a mind not to. Possessing a website has advantages for many varieties of users; serving a range of different purposes. For example, Net presence is of enormous benefit to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Conventional filing systems, where everything is stored as a hard copy, are cumbersome, and space consuming. With a website, all existing documents can be transferred one way or another, torepparttar 134443 Internet and neatly organized using 'hyperlinks' (virtual pathways) for quick, easy reference. You no longer need to waste your time digging through a mile high pile of paper to find what your looking for, with your own website all it takes isrepparttar 134444 click of a 'mouse'. A website wouldn’t only save you space and time, but cost too. The Internet is worldwide and a website can be used as a powerful promotional and marketing tool, viewed by prospective clients aroundrepparttar 134445 world. One can see what you offer in Hong Kong and Madrid atrepparttar 134446 same time. Imaginerepparttar 134447 money you’d save on promotional printing costs. Your website could reachrepparttar 134448 four corners ofrepparttar 134449 globe and be available 24 hours a day. There is no longer a need to allocate high budgets to printing promotional material for prospective clients, they are able to accessrepparttar 134450 information instantaneously, and download what they need. Imagine, neatly organized links that move you, quickly to your destination.

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